The best pet hair vacuum cleaners of 2021

03/11/2021 | myRobotcenter
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In 2020, around 10.7 million dogs lived in Germany's households, according to There are a lot of paw prints and heaps of dog hair to remove. But which pet hair vacuum cleaners are the best? Thanks to office dog Zhira, we have gained experience in removing dog hair over the years. We used this experience to create a ranking of the three best robot vacuums and mops and the three best cordless vacuums for pet owners.

The cold-snouted culprit

Voilà, this is Zhira. A typical beagle lady; curious, friendly, and equipped with a super nose. Like a real office dog and mental coach, Zhira regularly checks the employees' diets, while crumbs are diligently removed. It loves sunbathing on the office terrace, adventurous walks through the tall grass, and cuddling with its loved ones on the sofa. Since Zhira goes for a walk with its owner in any weather, the hallway and patio area are regularly covered in paw prints. If Zhira catches prey in the form of treats or rice cakes, then crumb traces are added to the many dog hairs. Now and then, the dog lady also has a wet mishap when she hastily slurps from the water bowl.

Robot vacuum and mop: twice the impact
Where furry family members are at home, there is not only dog hair around, but also dirt and stains from outside. Therefore, simply vacuuming is usually not enough. A robot vacuum cleaner with mop is the ideal robotic household helper to thoroughly remove hair and dirt from hard floors and carpets.
From the myRobotcenter range, we can recommend the following robot vacuums and mops for pet owners: 
Cecotec Conga 7090 
This 4 in 1 robot vacuum mop features some innovative technologies. With the dual camera, three different brushes, as well as a suction power of 10,000 Pa (!), it thoroughly cleans carpets and hard floors. Ten useful program functions support you against pet hair. The app is particularly innovative because the robot vacuum and mop recognizes, for example, the feeding area, walking or lying animals, and reacts accordingly.
Neato D10
The new D10 model is "only" a robot vacuum and does not have an integrated wiping function. Nevertheless, we can highly recommend it, as it can vacuum better along edges and in corners with its typical D-shape. With its HEPA filter (H13), it also picks up to 99.97% of allergens and fine dust particles. The 3 cleaning modes (Eco, Turbo, Max), LIDAR technology, a maximum runtime of up to 300 minutes, and the app or voice control function, make the D10 a faithful companion in the fight against pet hair. 
iRobot Roomba i7 
The Roomba i7 not only impresses with its innovative technology but is also equipped with two allround rubber brushes - which ensure that hair does not get tangled in the robot vacuum. It also has a very high suction power and a HEPA filter system. Within the app, functions can be set which adapt to the hairy family members. For example, the robot intensifies its cleaning during the shedding season.

Cordless vacuum cleaner: With extra power against animal hair
Where dogs and other pets grab crumbs, this usually does not happen without traces. A handheld vacuum cleaner is quickly at hand and offers the necessary flexibility to comfortably and quickly clean the crime scene. In a short time, the cordless vacuums are recharged and can be used thanks to handy form, even in the car. 
We can recommend the following cordless vacuums from the myRobotcenter range to pet owners:
Cecotec Rockstar 900 Ultimate Ergoflex 
This 3 in 1 cordless vacuum offers pet owners a special brush against pet hair. Combined with the flexible suction tubes, 600 watts of power, and an efficient dust filter, it provides convenient and thorough cleaning of various surfaces, such as hard floors, carpets, sofas, dog baskets, and car seats.
Roidmi S1 Special
The 2 in 1 Roidmi handheld vacuum cleaner is handy and equipped with an ergonomic 270° handle. With the 450-watt motor and its 2 brushes, it thoroughly cleans hard floors, as well as carpets and upholstered furniture. The filter system also ensures the capture of allergens and pet hair.
Cecotec Popstar 4070  
This 4 in 1 stick vacuum cleaner is equipped with a rotating brush and has a high suction power, which reliably cleans dirtier spots on carpets and upholstered furniture. Furthermore, it converts to a mop in the blink of an eye, which is ideal for pet households where mud and dirt are often brought in from outside. A high-performance filter also ensures "trapping" of the finest dog hair and allergens.

Bye bye dog hair

Either acting flexibly with a cordless vacuum cleaner, or on a regular basis with the robot vacuum mop, removing dog hair is like a piece of cake with these household helpers. 

03/11/2021 | myRobotcenter
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