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13/11/2018 | myRobotcenter
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A vacuum robot helps a lot in our everyday life. But to enable the robot vacuum a “free movement” through the home, we still have to make sure that there is nothing lying around loosely on the floor. Now a Japanese company has developed a robot system that can keep a cluttered room tidy for us.

The company Preferred Networks Inc (PFN) has the aim to develop robots that can actively support us in our daily lives. To do this, the robots must be able to react flexibly to dynamic and complex situations and to communicate with humans.

A blessing for all who don’t like tidying-up

The tidying-up robots are capable of detecting various objects, such as toys or clothes, picking them up and taking them to a specific location. In addition, they understand gestures and voice commands, which also allow the tidying-up robots to perform specific instructions. This is enabled by an innovative deep learning technology.

When tidying up, it is not only important for the robot to recognize the certain object and allocate it a corresponding place. In order to grasp the objects of different shapes and materials, the robot must choose from various gripping methods to successfully clear away the object.

Release date unknown

Whether and when the tidying-up robot comes on the market, is not yet known. Also, the price is not known so far.

For those who cannot wait any longer, especially for the children’s room, we have the following inspiration for you: A Lego brick collecting DIY Lego robot, which can be built in the meantime.

13/11/2018 | myRobotcenter
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