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28/03/2019 | myRobotcenter
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Robots make our everyday life much easier. If you don’t own a robot lawn mower yet, you might already be dreaming about it. Vacuuming after work? Thankfully the robot hoover overtakes and gives us precious free time. And even in industry 4.0, the so called industrial robots work successfully. All’s well that ends well?
Digitisation of industrial production – industry 4.0
That’s certainly a fair question. There are many voices that claim that machines take away our jobs. At the same time, there is a lack of understanding about the late delivery date of the new production line car. Should the machine workers, pardon, the robots be too slow? Supply and demand – the economy and the working world are responding to globalisation. For the pessimists of the future and technology, this is a great way to declare war on industry 4.0 – content-related.

Interaction with man and machine
It were precisely the clever minds from industry and research who are trying to turn the pure industrial robot into a link between man and machine. Sounds scary? Not at all. Robots are reliable helpers by the humans side. For the robots to be able to do this, they must be able to perceive their surroundings precisely – and react. Robotics is the name of this field of research and activity. Inside but also outside the industry 4.0.

An example: safety first. An industrial robot stops its work immediately if a person comes too close to it. The risk of injury is – still – too high. That’s why it is in a cage. Various research projects are now trying to make robots more sensitive. Man and machine are equipped with sensors whose data is stored and adjusted during the work process. The industry(robot) of tomorrow reacts intelligently by being able to adapt its motion sequences to humans. We’ll see: Even the sensitive machine will not replace us – but support us in a relevant way.

Service for household and care
But it is not only in industry 4.0 that industrial robots want to know how people react. There is also a lot of research in the areas of household and care. An example for illustration: Humans interact with looks, gestures and posture. What do I focus my attention on and what is my intention? The machine can’t – yet – do that. Research has made its goal to „teach“ this to the robot with a special control software. Ideally, human-machine-communication in the future will look like that the robot reacts actively to its opposite with own posture and viewing direction.

It could be written a lot about this topic. Especially in detail. We wanted to give you a little insight with this blog post and perhaps also give you some thoughts. There is no reason to be suspicious about our technical assistants. Quite the contrary: They are smart companions in all ways – and flights. Ever heard of the so called Cowarobot R1?

28/03/2019 | myRobotcenter
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