DIY Robot Advent Calendar

27/11/2018 | myRobotcenter
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This DIY Advent calendar not only makes kids happy. The cute calender also is a great gift for men, nerds or technology lovers. We show you how to fold these lovely robots. Filled with sweets or little presents they’ll brighten up the time until Christmas!

You need:

  1. • Folding paper or Origami paper: 15 x 15 cm and 10 x 10 cm

  2. • Our Advent calendar numbers (download & print for free!)

  3. • Googly eyes

  4. • Craft wire

  5. • Tape

  6. • Pearls

  7. • Needle

  8. • Scissors

  9. • Ruler

  10. • Pencil

  11. • Paint stick

  12. • Glue

DIY Advent calendar: How to fold the robots

The calendar basically consists of 96 folded half boxes – 48 big ones (folded from 15 x 15 cm paper) and 48 small ones (folded from 10 x 10 cm paper).


Fold the paper in half: once towards the bottom and once towards the side. After that, fold all four corners towards the middle and then fold the upper and lower edge towards the middle. This step decides whether it’s the top part or the lower part of the box:


For the larger upper part of the box, leave little space between the folded edges. For the smaller lower part of the box, fold the edges close together. Now fold the short edges towards the middle so that you’ll have a small square.


Unfold the paper again until only the left and right corner shows towards the middle, while the other two corners show up and down. Now fold on the left and right side of the bottom a little flap, so that you are able to fold the lower edge towards the middle for a straight edge of your box. Repeat that for the upper corner – and your box is done.


Divide one of the 15 x 15 cm Origami paper sheets with ruler and pencil in stripes of 1 cm and cut them. Per robot, you’ll need eight stripes. Glue two stripes together at an angle of 90° and fold the stripes alternately over each other.

With the needle, stich a small hole in one side of the smaller boxes and create an antenna for your robot with help of the needle. Stick it through the hole and fix it with tape. Then you can close the smaller box.

Fill the larger boxes with sweets or small presents and close it. Now you only have to fix the robots head as well as arms and legs and our advent calendar numbers. Decorate your robot with googly eyes and draw a mouth and your first robot is ready!



Have fun crafting this cute DIY advent calendar. We wish you a pleasant Advent season!


Show us your Christmas robots: Send us a photo of your DIY Advent calendar to or post it on our Facebook-Timeline!

27/11/2018 | myRobotcenter
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