Cowarobot R1: The smart suitcase that follows you

14/03/2019 | myRobotcenter
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Finally, the time has come: You are at the airport and just about to start the well-deserved vacation. You’ve just bought a gossip magazine in an airport store and now you’re about to grab a coffee-to-go – and already, both of our hands are full. And who is going to carry the hand luggage now? Nobody, because it drives automatically and follows you around! Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the smart suitcase Cowarobot R1. 
Cowarobot R1: a carry-on luggage that follows its owner automatically
With a perceived top speed, the smart suitcase follows its owner on every step of the way. But does the suitcase even know who its owner is or does it simply follow any traveller? It is quite clear: Inbuilt sensors let the Cowarobot R1 recognise the body shape and the movement pattern. So, it’s really following its owner only. 

But the sensors don’t only scan the owner – they also detect obstacles and make the smart suitcase skilfully drive around them without colliding. And if you have another hand free sometime, you can also push the suitcase by hand. 

Can the smart suitcase be taken aboard?
With the dimensions of 55 x 38 x 21 cm, the Cowarobot R1 is allowed on many flights as a carry-on bag. For the flight, the battery has to be taken off the suitcase. Especially useful: The battery can also be used as a power bank to charge other electronical devices such as your Smartphone. 

If the suitcase is used as a checked baggage, it is also allowed on flights to the US – it is actually equipped with a TSA lock which can be opened by the airport security with a master key. To prevent unauthorized persons from opening the suitcase, you can select a numeric code for the combination lock. 

Trust is good, control is better – everything in control with a smartphone app
A smartphone app is available for monitoring the smart suitcase Cowarobot R1. If it moves away from its owner more than three meters, the app sounds an alarm. The opening and closing of the combination lock can also be controlled via app. 

That’s not real, is it?
You still can’t believe that this smart suitcase really exists? We couldn’t either. That’s why we tested the robot suitcase ourselves. And found it to be good (or rather “unbelievably spacy”) and therefore immediately included it in our assortment. But unfortunately, stock is limited – so you have to be fast if you want to enjoy more travel comfort in the future! Buy the Cowarobot R1 at myRobotcenter

14/03/2019 | myRobotcenter
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