AI and art: human-like robot Sophia paints herself

02/04/2021 | myRobotcenter
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Robot Sophia becomes the first robot artist and her AI art is famous on the internet

Sophia a humanoid robot that paints

Perhaps you have already heard of Sophia, a humanoid robot woman. Robot Sophia was developed by Hanson Robotics and is considered the most human-like robot in the world. It (or she?) is equipped with self-learning software and, according to the manufacturer, can process visual data, recognize faces, and imitate human gestures and facial expressions. Check out her own Instagram account. Thanks to artificial intelligence, robot Sophia is able to answer questions about predefined topics and hold simple conversations on its own. Together with her developer and a digital artist, Sophia has tackled another important topic, namely art and creativity. The resulting self-portrait was sold via the Internet in a live auction. 

AI and art: Is it called robo art or AI art?

In order for Sophia to develop creativity, the humanoid robot is first fed with information. Thanks to artificial intelligence, robot Sophia manages to learn from the data and then makes independent decisions. The self-portrait was created in collaboration with Italian artist Andrea Bonaceto. He created a digital image of the humanoid robot in advance and fed it into Sophia's neural networks. The robot Sophia was thus able to draw inspiration from Bonaceto's digital art. Through the humanoid robots’ knowledge gathered in the past, an independent interpretation of the painting was created. A self-portrait of Sophia. The artist emphasized that all decisions regarding the interpretation of the painting were made without human help. The AI art was then sold in a live auction on the IV Gallery platform. Bonaceto, as well as the developers of Hanson Robotic, are thrilled with the humanoid robot's reactions to the original artwork. They were also fascinated by the process of humans and robots creating something together. Sophia is now scheduled to have its first exhibition in a Los Angeles gallery at the end of the year. We are curious. 

02/04/2021 | myRobotcenter
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