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Robots assisting in operations and translating surgeons' movements is nothing new. But with this new surgery robot, the ENT of MedUni Vienna and the AKH Vienna have reached a new milestone. 


We all know that plastics are a big problem in our environment. The latest when we are again at the sea and notice how many plastic particles pollute the sand. And not only the sea is affected, because meanwhile microplastic can be detected almost everywhere, even on Mount Everest and in our drinking water!


Meet the agricultural robots Tom, Wilma and Dick.They ensure that weeds are destroyed with the latest technology instead of chemicals. Nature says thank you. 


Robot Sophia becomes the first robot artist and her AI art is famous on the internet

Robots make our everyday life much easier. If you don’t own a robot lawn mower yet, you might already be dreaming about it. Vacuuming after work? Thankfully the robot hoover overtakes and gives us precious free time. And even in industry 4.0, the so called industrial robots work successfully. All’s well that ends well?
Finally, the time has come: You are at the airport and just about to start the well-deserved vacation. You’ve just bought a gossip magazine in an airport store and now you’re about to grab a coffee-to-go – and already, both of our hands are full. And who is going to carry the hand luggage now? Nobody, because it drives automatically and follows you around! Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the smart suitcase Cowarobot R1. 

This DIY Advent calendar not only makes kids happy. The cute calender also is a great gift for men, nerds or technology lovers. We show you how to fold these lovely robots. Filled with sweets or little presents they’ll brighten up the time until Christmas!


A vacuum robot helps a lot in our everyday life. But to enable the robot vacuum a “free movement” through the home, we still have to make sure that there is nothing lying around loosely on the floor. Now a Japanese company has developed a robot system that can keep a cluttered room tidy for us.


The robots by Boston Dynamics regularly attract attention on the internet. They can do acrobatic tricks, walk like humans, open doors and now even dance. This is demonstrated by “robot dog” Spot.

A robot that vacuums fully automatically and moves around your home independently - you may think it is a new invention. Don’t be fooled! Already in 1985 there has been tinkered on machines that overtake bothersome household chores like vacuuming for us. Even though the robot hoovers may have looked a little more futuristic back then. 
Once a year pupils from all over the world compete against each other, presenting breath-taking shows with self-programmed robots. There is also one team from Vorarlberg, Austria, which has been participating the RoboCup (in Junior-League) for many years. We are telling you about the experiences of the VMS (high school) Nenzing at the RoboCup 2018 in Montréal. 

Primary schools in Finland currently are testing the use of robots as teachers. A humanoid NAO robot called Elias is supposed to work with the kids in language lessons.


The Norwegian start-up “No Isolation” has created a robot to help children who can’t go to school because of long-term illnesses. As an avatar, AV1 attends class and thus offers the children the chance to be part of the everyday school life.

What happens, when a famous actor and a humanoid robot-woman meet for a drink on the Cayman Islands? A quite awkward date, Will Smith had to experience. Even though the actor of I, Robot is on his best behaviour he gets dumped by the robot Sophia. 

At the beginning of the year, there can’t be missing a glance into the future! Which direction is the enhancement of robot lawn mowers, robot hoovers and pool cleaning robots taking? We have summarised the most important trends 2018 in household robotics for you.

Almost two years after the declaration of fight, last Tuesday the time has finally come: the robotic companies MegaBots (US) and Suidobashi Heavy Industries (JP) are sending their giant robots into the ring. There were no rules and live broadcasting. But there is a winner. 
Last Friday the time has finally come: the biggest electronics exhibition IFA has opened the doors. Once a year there are presented the latest trends in the matters of electronics. Like last year, many robotic companies have drawn our attention. We have summoned up the Highlights of the IFA 2017 in the range of robotics. 
The IFA, the leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, is going to start in Berlin on 1 September. Of course we will be there to look for the latest trends of the household robotics sector. One exciting innovation is made by the Austrian company Robart: They are making the navigation and controlling of robot vacuums more intelligent.

There’s a new world record in the category “Most robots dancing simultaneously”! 1,069 robots have broken the Guinness World Records title with their choreography in Guangzhou, China.

On a large table are placed several setups made from Lego. Around the table there are standing children and teenagers between 10 and 14 years. They are working on their Lego Mindstorms robot EV3. It is supposed to drive autonomously to several stations where it has to complete different tasks.
At the beginning of the year the Consumer Electronics Show (short CES) showed a thrilling forecast to the Consumer-Electronic-Trends of 2017. Whether robotic closets, smart hairbrushes or adorable companion robots – visitors of the CES have been elated with innovative as well as with curious new developments.
This robot is for everyone with a sweet tooth: Marvelboy, a very special robot from Switzerland. At the touch of a button it serves the desired soft ice-cream sundae plus sauce and topping. But that’s not enough: Marvelboy also likes to dance.
From January 5 to 8 the Consumer Electronics Show (short CES) has opened its doors for the 50th time. Technic-Freaks from all over the world have come to discover the latest trends and developments for 2017. Even our CEOs Christian and Daniel couldn’t miss the big event.
Finally the time has come – last week the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has opened their doors. Mega trend of the year 2017: household robotics. Our newcomer of the year: the Austrian start-up company Robart.
Faithful blog readers know: in October 2016 Starship Technologies has started the pilot project of the very first self driving delivery robots. Now, the European start-up company has announced that the testing is extended for another three months.

Glasgow airport lately has a new staff member: GLAdys. GLAdys is a robot. A humanoid robot. Over the Christmas holidays she is entertaining passengers in the departure area in a very special way: The robot is dressed up as Santa, sings songs and dances.

One year has passed since the inventory robot Tory has become part of the team from the german fashion house Adler. Tory is the first fully automatic inventory robot worldwide and doesn’t only support the team in the mattes of inventory.
Doing your laundry, ironing your laundry, folding your laundry, LAUNDRY LAUNDRY LAUNDRY. But not long to go and these tasks will be yesterday’s business. The Japanese Company Laundroid is working hard on the development of a robot closet, overtaking your laundry in the future.
While Amazon is working on the development of delivery drones, founders of the Messenger Service Skype are working meticulously on a contrary project. Last Thursday they have started their pilot project of the very first self driving delivery robot in Düsseldorf, Germany.
A robot mower that is able to acknowledge and calculate your lawn to independently take care of your lawn maintenance. So far, so good. But that wasn’t enough for designer Yuli Sung so he decided to make up something very special. He designed a robot mower, sized like a hay bale, using the waste grass to produce playthings.

The IFA (International Consumer Electronics Fair) makes Berlin to the technology capital from September 2 to 7. As we at myRobotcenter burn for new technologies and devices, our C.E.O.s and technical support couldn’t miss to visit the fair - coming back being on the latest stand in the matters of new technologies and innovative products.

Finally holidays! This time I am especially excited because I will be on holidays this week - but not anywhere, but in the future. If I enjoyed my trip and what I have experienced you can read in this blog post.
Yippee finally finishing time - now I can take care of vacuuming, washing my laundry, folding my laundry… While it is almost normal to leave vacuuming and laundry washing to a machine, one still spends a lot of time with folding the clothes. With the launch of FoldiMate in 2018 this bothersome housework will be water under the bridge.
The bus stop Königsplatz in Augsburg, Germany is a non-smoking area since almost two and a half years. Despite all signs this instruction is ignored most of the time. That’s why the employees from Stadtwerke Augsburg rely on their new robot, called Swa*lly.
Since 2009 the VMS Nenzing (high school in Vorarlberg, Austria) has never missed the annual RoboCup Challenges. So they are being part of the competition this year again to present their show “Indiana Jones searching for the treasure of life”. You would like to know what they have experienced at the RoboCup 2016 from June 30 to July 03?
More than one year after Moley Robotic announced their upcoming kitchen robot they have launched the first prototype that has been presented on the Hannover Messe (Germany). In the not too distant future the consumer version of the kitchen robot will be launched.
Domino’s Pizza has finally disclosed the secret about their new delivery boy - he is called DRU (Domino’s Robotic Unit), drives on four wheels and is the first autonomous pizza delivery vehicle. With its modern look and its unique skills it will definitely take our hearts by storm.