Robotic household helpers for spring cleaning in 2021

25/03/2021 | myRobotcenter
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So, now it's definitely time, spring is here! And with it, not only the signs of spring appear in form of flowers, but also the dirty glass from the bad weather and the dust of the past winter months. It's time for a thorough spring cleaning! But who likes cleaning when you can already relax on your patio in the spring sun? The solution, get help from a robotic cleaning crew and leave not only the spring cleaning but also the future basic cleaning of your home to various household robots. Supported by motor-driven brushes, innovative technology, and even without your presence, with an app and voice-controlled household robot.

Cordless vacuum cleaner

The cordless vacuum cleaners from Cecotec support you with innovative technology, motorized brushes, and many accessories for the manual cleaning of your four walls. They are all multiple systems, which means that the handheld hoovers from Cecotec can be converted into up to 4 different models (stick vacuum, broom vacuum, handheld vacuum, and mop). For example, the Cecotec Conga Rockstar 700 Ultimate ErgoFlex gives you a full 24,000 Pa of suction power and motor-assisted movements to handle even the most stubborn dirt. The Cecotec Conga Rockstar 900 ErgoWet can also be equipped with a water tank for mopping in the same pass. Great, isn't it? These handheld vacuum cleaners are therefore not only suitable for a thorough spring-cleaning but are also a great help for the basic cleaning of your household during the year. And for all households with pets or allergy sufferers, the cordless vacuum cleaner is a useful companion during the pollen or fur changing season thanks to its HEPA filter.


Window cleaning robot

Cleaning windows is stressful. Especially when the sun shines in, and you can see every smudge. Can glass cleaning robots really help? We say yes, but... Filthy windows should definitely be pre-treated, so cleaning with a window robot can work in the future. Apart from that, a window robot can be used for cleaning your windows and balcony doors, but also for other flat surfaces such as shower stalls, mirrors, glass tables, and tiles. Only for sloped surfaces and overhead work can we not (yet) recommend a window cleaning robot. As an all-rounder, we can recommend the Hobot 268 window cleaning robot. It is not only suitable for smooth surfaces but also for structured surfaces, regardless of whether it has a boundary frame or not. Thanks to its safety sensors, it knows exactly what to look out for. By means of washable microfiber cloths, it cleans the surface thoroughly and thanks to the special drying cloth, your windows get a professional finish. 


Robot vacuum and mop including a self-emptying station

In order to make cleaning less in the long run, it is necessary to do basic cleaning of your home on a regular basis. This means vacuuming and damp mopping more often reduces dust build-up (especially in the winter months, when the heaters magically attract dust) and an automatic cleaning system in the form of a robot is suitable for this. Fitting models in our assortment are, for example, the Roidmi Eve Plus or the Proscenic m7pro. In addition to 2,700 Pa power and control via app or voice control, they offer a huge advantage: thanks to the self-emptying station, the dust container does not need to be cleaned constantly! The robot vacuum and mop simply moves to its station for emptying and has the dirt sucked out of its belly. Ideal for allergy sufferers, because in the self-emptying station is space for up to 3 litres of dust, which means you only have to change the bag about every 3-4 weeks. 


So, here we go, robotic household helpers!

25/03/2021 | myRobotcenter
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