The new robot mower season is about to begin

01/03/2019 | myRobotcenter
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We would love to tell you about the 2019 assortment of robot lawn mowers in our myRobotcenter online-shop. Even though it might still look wintery outside, spring is about to begin soon and we can already think about the new gardening season. 
GARDENA robot mowers of 2019
The German company offers a large assortment this year. Right now, twelve different models are available at myRobotcenter. We would like to especially highlight the new Sileno life series. The different models offer a variety of area coverage and operation methods. Depending on the model, they are suitable for 750 m2, 1,000 m2 or 1,250 m2. Furthermore, these models are also available as smart models. These are delivered with a “smart Gateway” which enables the connection of the robotic lawn mower to the smartphone/tablet app. The Gardena smart models are compatible will all other products of the Gardena smart System.
The robot mowers can effortlessly cope with slopes of up to ± 30 % (17°). The construction of the new Gardena life series is especially robust and flexible with four wheels. All of them mow streak-free and constantly so that you can enjoy a symmetrical lawn in your garden. The robot lawn mowers work particularly quietly. The Gardena life and city models can handle narrow passages skilfully. Therefore, a flexible positioning of the charging station is possible. Find out more about the new Gardena 2019 models in our online-shop

2019 models of Husqvarna
The X-series of the 2019 models by Husqvarna have been equipped with a great update. This means, from this year on they are equipped with the Automower Connect by default. This offers great advantages such as controlling the robot mower via smartphone or tablet. Via app you can operate start/stop or park commands, check its settings or adjust them. In case of theft you receive an alarm notification and you can locate the position of the robot mower. All Automowers that are equipped with the Connect module can also be controlled via Amazon Alexa or Google Home. It means that you can control the robot lawn mower with voice commands. The following functions are available via voice service: Start, stop or park the robot mower and ask their status. Find the 2019 models of Husqvarna at myRobotcenter with free 5-year guarantee.
Novelty: Husqvarna Automower 435X AWD
In 2019, Husqvarna launches a new, revolutionary robot mower which is equipped with lots of technical novelties. One of the best highlights of the Husqvarna Automower 435X AWD is the AWD (all-wheel drive). A robot mower with all-wheel drive that is able to climb slopes of up to ± 70 %. So far, robot lawn mowers could only master slopes of up to ±45 %. We are definitely looking forward to this new model! 

Robot mowers by Robomow at myRobotcenter
Also in 2019 you will find different robot lawn mowers by Robomow in the assortment of myRobotcenter: RX, RC and RS series. All models convince with a robust and extra-large mowing unit, a precise edge-mowing mode and a reliable grass cutting. The best choice for smaller lawns with up to 300 m2 are the models of the RX series. Furthermore, the RC and RX models are ideal for larger lawns. 

Smart robot mowers by Bosch
The famous Bosch Indego 350 Connect will be available at myRobotcenter this year too. Furthermore, Bosch convinces with a new model: Bosch Indego S+ 350. The 350 Connect can be upgraded with many new features, such as: Multi-zone mowing, spot mowing, improved battery management and voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Home. The new Indego models are equipped with the navigation technology Logicut by default. They mow your lawn in a methodical pattern, rail after rail. Therefore, the robotic lawn mowers by Bosch are twice as fast as other robot mowers using a random pattern. Through the Connect technology both robot mowers - the Indego 350 Connect as well as the Indego S+ 350 – can easily and comfortably be controlled via a smartphone/tablet app.
The robotic lawn mowers by Bosch are also suitable for gardens with more than one zone, thanks to the multi-zone mowing. So they can also be operated on properties with one main zone and several additional (separated) zones that are located next to or behind the house. Bosch offers two different solutions to handle these zones: Either, the additional zone is limited with the same boundary wire as the main area or it is used a second charging station. An additional charging station can be ordered in our myRobotcenter online-shop. 

Robotic lawn mowers by Worx for the 2019 season
This year you will find five different robot lawn mowers by Worx in our assortment. They are named with clear model names using S, M and L to simplify the selection. The new generation of Worx robot mowers can be upgraded with up to four different custom options/functions. The Landroid S-models are suitable for lawns up to 300 m2, the M-models are suitable for 500 m2 – 1,000 m2 and the L-models are ideal for lawns with 1,000 m2 or 2,0000 m2. The M and L models are equipped with the famous Cut-to-Edge. Thank to this function, the robot mowers by Worx can mow along the boundary wire on order to avoid manual rework.
Additionally, the robot mowers can be customized this year. The customization is selectable optionally and offers a maximum configurability of the robot to individually adjust it the needs of your lawn. These customization options are: ACS (a smart obstacle detection), voice control, FindmyLandoid and a virtual barrier called NoEntry. 

Robot mowers by McCulloch in the myRobotcenter online-shop
Since last year, we also sell robot mowers of the brand McCulloch. The similarity of these robot mowers to the ones by Gardena is not a coincidence: McCulloch is part of the Gardena Group. The ROB models by McCulloch can climb slopes of up to ± 25 %. The in-built sensors assure a secure operation and the detection of obstacles. The robotic lawn mowers ROB by McCulloch an also be operated on uneven lawns.
All models – McCulloch Rob S400, Rob R1000 and S600 – also work if it is raining. Nevertheless, we recommend you to provide a safe storage place for the robot mowers in case of extreme weather conditions. Same goes for the cold and stormy winter season. Both S-models can be controlled with a smartphone-app via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth has a reach of 15 m. WiFi is not needed for the operation of the app. 

Eight new Yard Force models available
Yardforce has been listed in our assortment for the very first time last year. This year, they offer the second biggest assortment in our online-shop. Besides the known SA-series, this year you can order the Amiro City mower series (400 and 400i) as well as the X-series (X60i and X100i). Smartphone users will definitely prefer the models Amiro 400i, X60i and X100i with WiFi function and app control.
The Yard Force app is available in 13 different languages for iOS and Android. Furthermore, the X100i is the only model with multi-zone mowing. The whole product range is equipped with lots of sensors assuring maximum safety. Through the USB port you can carry out software updates easily. 

01/03/2019 | myRobotcenter
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