Robot Lawn Mower: Winter Checklist

19/10/2018 | myRobotcenter
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As soon as the temperatures drop below zero, the robot lawn mower should not be staying outside anymore. But what is important concerning a robot mower’s storage in winter? We have summarized for you everything important in a checklist.

The right time to get the robot lawn mower fit for winter

There is no certain date to put away the robot lawn mower for winter. It always depends on the weather and the location of the lawn mowing robot. As soon as the first frosty nights are forecasted, it is time to remove the robotic lawn mower from the garden. Sub-zero temperatures may harm the battery!

Cleaning and maintenance

Before the storage of the robot we recommend a thorough cleaning and inspection of the device. In case the blades have become blunt, we advise you to demount them and replace them with new ones in spring. Different accessory parts for robotic lawn mowers are available in our online shop.

The winter checklist for robot lawn mowers as download

Our robot mower winter checklist contains a step-by-step instruction concerning the correct storage as well as helpful tips and tricks.


>> Download checklist now


You’ll have a relaxed start into the next gardening season for sure!

19/10/2018 | myRobotcenter
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