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25/10/2018 | myRobotcenter
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The Eufy RoboVac R550C (also known as Eufy RoboVac 11c) is touted by the manufacturer as the vacuum robot for animal hair. But does the robot keep what it promises? I tested it in a 50m2 cat household.

Packaging and scope of delivery

The Eufy RoboVac R550C is properly packaged. Nothing lies loose in the box, but is safely stowed away. In addition to the vacuum robot, the following accessory parts are included in the scope of delivery:


  1. • Charging station

  2. • Power adapter

  3. • Remote control including batteries (2 x AAA)

  4. • Magnetic tape

  5. • Two spare brushes

  6. • A replacement filter set

  7. • A cleaning tool

  8. • Owner's Manual and Quick-Start Guide


The robot hoover in a nice, plain gray tone makes a robust first impression. What strikes me, are the long side brushes. I am very excited about how the Eufy RoboVac R550C will behave in practice.


According to the owner’s manual, the charging station of the Eufy R550C must be placed with one meter of space left and right and two meters in front of the charging station. It's not that easy in a small apartment like mine. Finally, I find a place that just fulfills these requirements.


After a first full charge, the test can start. A continuous blue LED light indicates that the battery of the robot vacuum cleaner is charged.

Robi_an_Ladestation 2
The test household: 50 m² of living space, pets

I live in a small 2-room apartment. Bedroom and living area are furnished with parquet. The small kitchen with an easy-to-clean PVC floor is only separated from the living area by a kitchen counter. To get into the tiled bathroom, the robot must overcome a threshold of about 1.7 cm.


My two roommates, the two cats Oscar and Angus, are currently losing a ton of hair now in autumn, and are causing a lot of chaos on a regular basis. In addition, I own several relatively low furniture, under which other robotic vacuum cleaners have been stuck.

Product test: Eufy RoboVac R550C

I start the Eufy RoboVac 11c and the robotic vacuum cleaner starts with the automatic cleaning. The volume of the device is fine and does not bother me.

Navigation and obstacle detection

The Eufy RoboVac R550C roams randomly through my apartment, gradually cleaning every spot. He touches obstacles softly and instantly changes direction. Unfortunately, it does not recognize small obstacles, such as cats' feeding bowls. With the included magnetic tape, they can be safely separated.


The Eufy RoboVac R550C is slightly higher than the Eufy RoboVac 11, which I have already tested at my home. Unlike the Eufy 11, the R550C does not get under my sofa with its height of 8.5 cm, but cleans reliably under my other furniture. Unfortunately, it cannot overcome the thresholds between parquet and tiles and I have to free him from the bathroom.


When the cleaning is complete, the robot vacuum reliably returns to its charging station, where it recharges for its next use.

Roby im Einsatz
Control and programming

The RoboVac 11C itself is equipped only with a start / stop button. All further commands and programming require the remote control or the EufyHome app.

Control via remote control

The Eufy has various cleaning modes (auto, single room, spot and edge) that can be selected remotely. In addition, the robot can be started and stopped, steered and sent back to the charging station by using the remote control.

Control via app

The EufyHome app is available for free for iOS and Android. The app includes all the features of the remote control and offers further useful features:

  1. • Beep to find the robot - especially useful if the robot is stuck somewhere and you cannot see it at first glance.

  2. • Set a weekly schedule: For each day, there can be determined an automatic start time by app.

  3. • Remote start: The Eufy RoboVac R550C can also be started via the app while you are on the move.

  4. • Push notifications about the cleaning status or problems.

  5. • Control via Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant. This function was not tested, because I do not use voice control at home.

Attention Smart Home owners: I am very happy about feedback, if any of you use the Eufy 11c via voice control, because I could not test this function. You can reach us via Facebook or the e-mail address Or just leave a comment below.


The cleaning result

The cleaning result of the Eufy RoboVac 11c is impressive: with the extra-long side brush and its strong suction power, it reliably removes dust and dirt – even along edges and in corners. Even the cat hair of Oscar and Angus is reliably transported into the large dust collector. I am impressed how much dirt has accumulated in the container after only a few cleaning cycles.

Cleaning and maintenance

The dust container can be easily removed from the robot. For emptying, it can be opened. This is especially handy because it allows a thorough cleaning of the bin. The side brushes and the main brush can also be removed and reassembled without the aid of tools. With the included cleaning tool, I quickly get the brushes free of hair and stubborn dust residues.

My conclusion

The Eufy RoboVac R550C (11c) can definitely convince me. The app works perfectly and offers great features. For pet owners, this vacuum robot is really a good choice. It's a pity that this robot could not overcome the thresholds (1.7 cm) in my apartment. However, no vacuum robot has managed to do that before.


What has convinced me:

  1. • A great cleaning result, even concerning animal hair

  2. • The large dust bin

  3. • The intuitive app with great features

  4. • The extensive scope of delivery

Buy Eufy RoboVac R550C

In the myRobotcenter online shop you will find the robot vacuum by Eufy for a reasonable price of currently only 249 € / £ 219*. Included in the price is our unique 5-year guarantee. This makes the robot a good option even on a small budget.


Until next time,



* Promotion price from 25/10/2018

25/10/2018 | myRobotcenter
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