Purchase advice robot lawn mowers part 2

03/03/2021 | myRobotcenter
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Hello Roby, I want to buy a robot lawn mower, what should I look for concerning the robot itself? 

Apart from the technical capabilities of the new models in 2021, do the robot lawn mowers all handle the garden in the same way or are there differences here as well? Which ones? Why?

In general, the robot mowers treat the garden in the same way. At each departure, the robot cuts off the uppermost part of the grass. These fall to the ground and rot, adding nutrients and moisture to the soil. This saves you from having to cut the grass and your garden shines in a healthy green. 


However, there are differences in the cutting blades, depending on the manufacturer and models. Most manufacturers work with a rotating blade disc, Worx has as well some models with a floating mower deck that adapts to the ground. Certainly, an advantage when a lot of leaves or fallen fruit could be in the garden.



Adjustments of the cutting height are possible in various levels, depending on the brand, between 20 mm and 60 mm. According to the condition of the lawn and the preferences of its owner, the robot mowers can be equipped with different blades. The quality of the blade and also its service life is different in each case. Some brands work with multiple uses by rotating the blade 180 degrees. Others offer steel or carbon blades as optional accessories. By the way, in our store, you can find many spare parts for your device, as well as other useful accessories.


What is definitely given with all robot lawn mowers are various safety sensors (e.g. lift and tilt sensors) that make the rotating blades stop immediately. Not only good for the user itself but as will a safety aspect if children or pets have access to the garden. A PIN code protects against unauthorized use and theft. Certain models even send you the location of the robot grass cutter via GPS.


After this, it's your needs and wishes as a customer. Do you want to be able to control the robot mower via an app? Should it accept voice commands or connect automatically via Wi-Fi and decide independently when it should work?


What, the robot lawn mower can connect itself to the Internet and communicate? Is that really necessary and what is the point?

Yes, robot mowers can now accept commands via app or even over voice control. This works thanks to an integrated interface to the WLAN - e.g. in the McCulloch Rob S600 model - or by means of an additional device that establishes the connection. Gardena offers a complete solution for the smart garden with the Smart System Set. So not only the lawn is cut, but also your flowers and shrubs, are watered. The whole thing can also be coordinated with each other, for example, only mow, when the irrigation is finished. 


The advantages are obvious, you can control your robot lawn mower remotely. And what I personally like is that the robot even independently adapts to the conditions. For example, the Husqvarna 305 calculates how often it has to work depending on the weather and temperatures, or the growth of the grass. 


Uh-huh. Speaking of security, what do I do with my robot grass gutter at night? Do I have to secure it specially?

As already mentioned, the common devices each have a security against theft. This can happen by means of a PIN code. Or the device has an alarm trigger. Some devices even send you the "new" location via GPS. In any case, an important issue, because lawn mower robots are not cheap household robots. 


What is important to me as a friend of animals, please let the robot lawn mower pause at night! Hedgehog, mouse and Co will thank you (your neighbors certainly also). These animals are nocturnal and the robot mower drives by touch and can not detect the animals prematurely, because the sensors do not recognize smaller animals in motion as an obstacle. The leads among other things to injuries of the animals and in the worst case to death. Be an animal lover and do not let the robot lawn mower out at dusk and at night.


Thank you very much Roby for the interview and your puchase advices.

03/03/2021 | myRobotcenter
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