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19/12/2016 | myRobotcenter
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At the beginning of December they have finally arrived – the myVacBots.  After first tests there have occurred some questions we would like to explain to you here. Our tips can be used for the myVacBot B100 vacuum robot as well as for the myVacBot S200 vacuum and floor mopping robot (except the App-Control and Mop Function).
Tip #1 – Placement of the Home Base
Please make sure that the Home Base is placed in a free area (at least 60cm on each side). Otherwise it could happen that the myVacBot B100 vacuum robot or myVacBot S200 vacuum and floor mopping robot has difficulties in finding it.

Tip #2 – Connect to the App
Connecting with the App can easily be done with the help of the user manual. Please follow the steps like described – or just have a look at the video below. There we are showing how we have connected our Smartphone with the myVacBot S200 vacuum and floor mopping robot.
Note: Keep in mind to execute the connection near your WIFI router.

Tip #3 – Filling & Mounting the Water Tank
Mounting the water tank can be done in a few single steps. Fill the water tank – mount the Microfiber pads – place the water tank on the floor – place the myVacBot S200 vacuum and floor mopping robot on the water tank – let it clinch.
Small tip: fill the water tank with warm water to remove even stubborn kind of dirt.

Tip #4 – Usage of the Sonic Wall
If you wish to separate some areas that don’t need to be cleaned you can easily do it with the Sonic Wall. It can even be used as a useful safeguard near dangerous areas (like abysses and stairs) for the myVacBot B100 vacuum robot and myVacBot S200 vacuum and floor mopping robot.
Note: Please always take care of considering the correct location and operation of the Sonic Wall. You can find all information in the user manual in the chapter “Sonic Wall”.

Tip #5 – Regularly Clean the Expendable Parts
Please keep in mind to regularly clean all expendable parts of the myVacBot B100 and myVacBot S200 (main brushes, side brushes, filter, dirt bin). That’s how you can ensure maximum cleaning results.

Tip #6 – Use the Cleaning Tools
To make cleaning of the expendable parts as easy as possible, feel free to use the cleaning tools. They are already included in delivery.

Tip #7 – Removal of the Main Brushes
The removal of the main brushes requires a little intuition. Please remove them like indicated in the user manual of the myVacBot.

Tip #8 – Time Programming
The time programming is still not working properly? No worries – even we had some unclarities in the beginning. But reading the user manual helps ;)
You have still got other questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us on Facebook, Twitter or E-Mail – we will gladly be supporting you.

Tip #9 – Overcoming Thresholds
The myVacBot B100 and myVacBot S200 are both able to overcome small thresholds with a height of up to 1 cm (carpets, etc.). As long as the water tank is mounted on the myVacBot S200, it is not able to overcome any thresholds. So please keep in mind to remove the water tank when myVacBot S200 shall clean on carpets.
Note: There are fringe-carpets in your household?
Then please keep in mind to fold the fringes under the carpet so the myVacBots won’t get stuck.

Tip #10 – Time Programming via App
The myVacBot S200 can easily be time programmed via App. So there is nothing in between an exactly pre-programmed cleaning – as long as you have set the correct local time on the charging station. :)

Tip #11 – Suitable for Households with Pets?
Bad news for any pet owner – unfortunately the myVacBots are not especially suitable for households with pets as they are not equipped with an adequate brush system. That makes operation and maintenance of the devices unbelievably difficult.

Tip #12 – Spotless Navigation
Even if the myVacBots appeal to drive around randomly – but with a closer look you can recognize the navigation technology. In Auto Mode there are operated the cleaning modes one after another to ensure a spotless cleaning.

Tip #13 - Make Stairs Safe
Even though the myVacBots are equipped with anti drop sensors we recommend to place a Sonic Wall near dangerous areas. They build an invisible boundary and are a double safeguard.

Tip #14 – Block Low Furniture
Unfortunately the myVacBots cannot recognize when obstacles (like furniture) are too low to clean under them. Therefore it could happen that they get stuck under these obstacles. We recommend to use a Sonic Wall or another obstacle to safe dangerous areas like these.

Tip #15 – Synchronization of the Remote Control
Should there encounter any problems in using the remote control, please carry out a new synchronization. Please take care of the following steps:
1. Deleting the ID of the main unit
• Keep pushing the start/stop button until you hear a sound and all indicator lights turn off
• Carry out a new synchronization of the charging station, Sonic Wall and remote control (see in step 2)
2. Synchronization of the remote control
• Remove the batteries from the remote control
• Press the play button until you see “Cd” on the display
• Push the right and left button (direction buttons on the remote control) while you insert the batteries again

The synchronization has been successful, when the “!” lights red after inserting the batteries.

19/12/2016 | myRobotcenter
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