Multi-zone mowing made easy with Bosch Indego

16/05/2019 | myRobotcenter
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Since this year, Bosch has been offering a multi-area concept for the lawn robot models Bosch Indego 350/400 Connect and S + models. This concept appeals to a large number of garden owners, as a very substantial part of our gardens consists of two or more separate lawns rather than just one continuous lawn.

To mow multiple lawns autonomously with only one robotic lawn mower from Bosch, there is now the "multi-area" function. With a second supplementary charging station, the lawn robots of the Bosch Indego series can be used to maintain independent, unconnected lawns. These are mowed in the proven Bosch LogiCut navigation system.

A practical example:
You have a green area in front of and behind your house, which is to be mowed by the robot mower independently. The lawns can:
  • • be completely separated from each other
  • • present different obstacles
  • • have different sized surfaces and dimensions
To mow such different areas autonomously with one device, there is now the "multi-area" function, which offers two different solutions.

Solution 1 - without an additional charging station for several areas with the following conditions:
  • • the additional area is not bigger than 40 sqm, and is
  • • connected with the same boundary wire as the main surface is.
With this method, only one charging station is necessary. The main surface is mowed in the Bosch LogiCut pattern, the secondary surface is mowed in a random pattern until the battery is empty or the robot mower is put back into the main area.
The big advantage for the customer with this solution is, that there are no additional costs for a second charging station.

Solution 2 – Works with an additional charging station called “Multi-Area for Bosch Indego”
  • • This solution is particularly suitable for completely separated surfaces,
  • • where the secondary area is larger than 40 sqm.
  • • Up to 3 separate surfaces can be mowed.
The robotic lawn mower has to be carried into the secondary area with the additional charging station manually by you. Afterwards it automatically drives to its second charging station for charging. The lawn is mowed on the secondary surface analogous to the main surface in the LogiCut principle.
You can store up to three maps in the app. The big advantage for the owner is, that several areas can be maintained with one single Bosch Indego robot mower.

The additional charging station "Muli-Area for Bosch Indego" fits for following models: Bosch Indego 350/400 and Bosch Indego 350 Connect or 400 Connect as well as Indego S + 350.

Further add-ons for Bosch Indego robot lawn mower 2019 models
Maximum flexibility is provided by the Bosch "SpotMow" mode.
With this feature, the lawn of the Indego S + is specifically cared for by mowing areas that are otherwise obscured (by lounge chairs, play equipment, etc.). You can mow areas of 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 meters. To do this, simply place the robot mower in the lower left corner of the lawn area to be mowed, select the desired size of the "SpotMow" area and the Bosch Indego will start its task.

This mowing option is available for all versions - Important: for older model versions is a software update required.

Only for latest model type Indego S + models: Smart-mowing 2.0
This is an advanced, selectable smart mowing function for the robotic lawn mower Bosch Indego S +. With this feature, the robot mower autonomously adjusts the mowing to the prevailing weather - mowing the lawn under optimal conditions.
Improved battery management with an up to 50 % longer battery runtime
Last but not least, there is an improved battery management with the new software update for all versions of the robot mower. The runtime of the robot lawn mower increases after the update from 30 to approx. 45 min. The charging time remains unchanged at 45 minutes. The lifetime itself is not affected.

For which Bosch Indego models is the software update possible?
  • • All Gen2 models
  • • Indego S +
  • • Indego 400 and Indego 350/400 Connect
  • • The software update is shipped from the factory for all models from production 10/2018
For existing lawn robots, retrofitting the update from 03/2019 is available as an "over the air" solution and can also be carried out via the Bosch websites. The update with "MultiArea" and "SpotMow" is available for the current Indego models from Bosch for free in the download area.

If you have any questions, we are happy to help with our customer service.

16/05/2019 | myRobotcenter
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