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03/11/2017 | myRobotcenter
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A vacuum and mopping robot for less than £ 200.00*? I have been really sceptical about the new Mamibot PreVac 650. That’s why I took it home and put it on an acid test. The robot’s challenge: 85 m2 4-room-flat with parquet, tiles and carpet, no pets, no allergy sufferers. Seems, like this robot is made for us. 
Packaging & Scope of Delivery
The vacuum and mopping robot is packed up safely and equipped with lots of accessories. Everything is neatly packed. Included is:
  • • PreVac 650
  • • Charging station & power supply
  • • Dust bin
  • • Water tank
  • • 2 Microfiber-cloths
  • • Filter
  • • 4 side brushes
  • • Floor brushes
  • • Remote Control
  • • Magnetic boundary (2 m)
  • • User manual

Setup & Start-Up
All I have to do is connect charging station and power supply and place it centrally in our flat. There, I put it on power and place the vacuum and floor mopping robot to let it charge over night. 

Installation & Functions of the App
I download Mamibot-App free of charge in the App Store and connect the robot with my Smartphone. The app is easy to use. There are several cleaning modes available: Spot, Edges and 30 minutes. Additionally, I can control the vacuum and floor-mopping robot manually with direction buttons. Extremely useful is also the scheduling function. I can select starting hours and weekdays. 

Systematic Navigation
In Auto-Mode the Mamibot PreVac 650 navigates skilfully through our flat. It uses a methodical cleaning pattern and is a lot faster than models with a random pattern. Like already mentioned, there can also be selected other cleaning modes in the app.

Cleaning Results
The cleaning results are really worthwhile to see. The vacuum and floor-mopping robot has removed all dust, dirt and even our hair. It has also vacuumed sewing dust and fuzz from my last sewing project. Even the mop function is worthwhile to see - the floors are spick and span.
Huge Plus:
PreVac 650 didn’t (like many other robot hoovers) get caught in steel pipe chairs. It has cleaned around them effortlessly.
Small Minus:
Unfortunately, the carpet in my room was too high for the robot to clean. I had to fold it up each time so the robot doesn’t get caught.

Maintenance of the Vacuum/Mopping Robot
Maintaining the vacuum and floor-mopping robot is easily done in the shortest of time. Difficult was only emptying the dustbin that is open on one side. Therefore you run into danger to spill the vacuumed dirt onto the floor again. So better be careful. 

My Lesson is Clear
After testing the PreVac 650 I have been surprised – with a price of only £ 179.00 the vacuum and floor-mopping robot could really convince me. That’s why I summoned up the most important notes for you:
Advantages of Mamibot PreVac 650:
  • • Good scope of delivery
  • • Free and easy-to-use app with useful functions
  • • Cleans in a systematic pattern
  • • Picks up dust, dirt and hair reliably
  • • Doesn’t get caught on steel pipe chairs
What I would like to improve:
  • • Overcoming of thresholds and carpets (couldn’t handle by carpet (height: 2 cm))
  • • Cover flap on the dustbin to make emptying the dustbin easier
Altogether, I can really recommend Mamibot PreVac 650 to you. It scores with the latest technology but is, however, perfect for small budgets. At myRobotcenter the vacuum and mopping robot is available in two colours and even with Free 5 Year Guarantee.
Until next time, Lisa.
* Special offer price on 03/11/2017

03/11/2017 | myRobotcenter
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