Mamibot iGLASSBOT W120 Review

25/04/2018 | myRobotcenter
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A window cleaning robot for small budgets: we have tested the Mamibot iGLASSBOT W120 for you, because we have been really sceptical if a window-cleaning robot for less than £ 200,00* could really convince us. But have a look yourself.
Scope of Delivery
Mamibot W120 is packed up safely with all its accessories. There is included:
  • • Mamibot iGLASSBOT W120
  • • Power Supply
  • • Extension Cable
  • • Safety Rope
  • • Remote Control incl. Batteries
  • • Microfiber-Cloths (2 x wet, 2 x dry)
  • • User Manual
Small Minus: unfortunately, the cleaning fluid isn’t included. But this is not a problem, as you can use any other cleaning fluid or pure water. 

Installation & Set-Up
To test the window-cleaning robot we download the app in App Store (of course, it is also available for Android-devices). There are several functions available in the app: start, stop, choose a cleaning mode, and manually control the robot with direction buttons.
TOP: the robot has reacted immediately to my commands, without delay!
The window-cleaning robot itself is ready to use in a few movements. First, we mount a microfiber-cloth on the bottom side of the robot and humid it a little with cleaning fluid. Then we put all cables together and put it on power.
Attention: don’t use too much cleaning fluid or the robot can hardly move! But also take care to not use too little as this will produce annoying squeaking. So it takes quite some trying to find out what is best. 

Operation Area of Mamibot W120
We have really been thrilled of the wide operating area of the window-cleaning robot. It cleans windows with and without frames and also inclined surfaces. Therefore, we could also operate it on the skylights in our myRobotcenter office.
Furthermore, iGLASSBOT could also be used as a robot mop for floors and tables. But to be honest, there is a small disadvantage compared to classic robot mops - it uses grid operation and therefore pulls its cable behind itself all the time.
Important note: unfortunately, there has been made a small mistake in the user manual. It says, that the robot is only suitable for framed windows. As the iGlassbot is equipped with anti-drop sensors it can also be operated on glass surfaces without frames. 

Navigation with Artificial Intelligence
Mamibot iGLASSBOT W120 drives over the glass surface methodically, due to Artificial Intelligence. It calculates the cleaning area and chooses the best way. In the app you can also choose, if the robot shall use a N, Z or mixed pattern. 

Window Cleaning Robot Review: the Cleaning Results
On our windows at home the window-cleaning robot had to deal with dust (most of all with pollen) and light soiling (mostly on the outside). The robot has removed it all thoroughly. Only after the cleaning we could see how dirty the windows have really been, seeing the now dirty microfiber cloths. After the cleaning all windows were clean - and even streak-free! We can hardly reach such results by myself. ;)
Hint: heavy dirty windows should be pre-cleaned manually. That means that the robot need some help for the very first cleaning of the year. We recommend to operate the window robot regularly throughout the year. Then, the windows will never get too dirty and you don’t have to pre-clean them.  

Operating the Mamibot iGLASSBOT is extremely easy. The device itself only offers one start/stop button. There are more functions available in the app. The app itself is clearly structured and very easy to use. If you are not used to operating a window robot we recommend to thoroughly read the user manual first. There you can also find useful tips and troubleshooting. 

Mamibot W120 attaches on the glass surfaces and doesn’t drop. As an additional protection it is recommended to use the safety rope. You should absolutely use the safety rope when operating the window robot in higher floors. 

The Lesson is Clear
Mamibot W120 is recently the cheapest window-cleaning robot at myRobotcenter. Despite its low price the robot really did convince us with lots of technology and good cleaning results. To ensure that you benefit from the window cleaning robot as long as possible, you will the Mamibot iGLASSBOT W120 at myRobotcenter with Free 5 Year Guarantee!
I have summoned up the most important details for you:
Advantages of Mamibot W120:
  • • Easy handling
  • • App for Android and iOS (free of charge)
  • • Reacts immediately to the app-commands
  • • Versatile usage - also cleans skylights and can be used as a robot mop
Disadvantages of Mamibot W120:
  • • No cleaning fluid included in the scope of delivery

25/04/2018 | myRobotcenter
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