Battery leaf blower or cordless garden vacuum?

28/09/2021 | myRobotcenter
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Foliage in the garden, on the terrace or on the pavement? With the garden helpers from Yard Force, picking up leaves is child's play. The battery-powered leaf vacuums and leaf blowers are easy to handle, lightweight and flexible to use. Additionally, they operate emission-free and are quieter than their petrol-powered counterparts.

Not in the mood to rake leaves? The leaf blowers and garden vacuums with battery motors from Yard Force are comfortable alternatives.

Autumn´s colourful beauty inevitably brings one thing with it: Leaf pick up. There can be mountains of leaves piled up in the garden, on the terrace or on the pavement. Instead of the exhausting and time-intensive raking, cordless leaf blowers and cordless leaf vacuums from Yard Force are convenient alternatives. For private use, the battery-powered devices are ideal: due to their battery motor they have enough power, they are quieter and weigh less than the models with a petrol engine and tank. And thanks to their battery, there is no cable that limits their operation range - unlike electric devices.

What is the difference between a battery leaf blower and a cordless garden vacuum?
With leaf blowers, the power goes in one direction: they can be used to blow lawns, paths or paved areas. They are suitable to pile up leaves (wet leaves need a higher air speed of the device), smaller branches, etc. Particularly, leaf blowers with a battery motor are lightweight and easy to handle.
If you use a battery-powered garden vacuum, the vacuumed leaves are transported directly into an integrated leaf bag. Often, as in the case of the cordless leaf vacuum Yard Force LB C20W, a shredder is connected upstream, which shreds the leaves, branches, etc. into small pieces before they disappear into the bag. Many leaf vacuum models have a blowing function, too.
Of course, you can ask why a cordless leaf blower is offered at all when a device like the leaf vacuum can do the same task and more. If you want to remove foliage quickly from diverse surfaces, a leaf blower with a battery-powered engine weighs less and is easier to use. Due to its weight, a battery garden vacuum is less flexible and harder to maneuver. 

What is important when buying a cordless leaf blower or a battery-powered leaf vacuum?
When you purchase a helper with a battery motor for the leaf pick up, you should consider a few aspects to make sure you made the right choice.

Function and field of application
What kind of work do you want to do with the device? Should the leaves be collected in one place, so it can be disposed of? Or is it better to vacuum the whole area and suck the foliage directly into a bag (like a hoover)? This is the most important question to decide whether a cordless leaf blower or a battery garden vacuum is the right choice.
Since leaf blowers or vacuums with a battery motor must always be held, it is also important to keep an eye on the weight of the device. If you have large areas to work on or a large amount of leaves, it can quickly become an exhausting affair. Carrying straps can make the work easier. Especially, battery-powered garden vacuums are equipped with straps and small wheels on the suction tube because of their weight and the additional leaf bag. But there are also some leaf blower models with attached straps.
Air speed
The air speed indicates the performance of the machine. It means the speed at which the air flows out of the tube. The higher the speed, the more effectively the leaves can be blown (you need approx. 250 km/h).
How long can you work with your device before the battery has to be recharged? And is this suitable for the work which must be done? You should consider this to avoid annoying recharging breaks. 

One battery, many opportunities: Yard Force

Yard Force offers a wide assortment of battery-powered garden tools. Besides the battery leaf blowers and cordless leaf vacuums, you find more devices with a battery motor: lawn mowers, grass and hedge shears, chainsaws and long-reach hedge trimmers and more. The powerful lithium-ion battery is suitable for all of them. That means: if you have a battery and a charging station at home, you can use them for all Yard Force garden appliances.

28/09/2021 | myRobotcenter
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