iLife W400: The robot mop in the test

15/05/2019 | myRobotcenter
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If you are looking for a suitable household robot, you may have already discovered the one or another robot mop. Generally, these are very similar – but the new iLife W400 is different. With its new cleaning system, it removes persistent dirt particularly easily. But read it yourself – we have tested the robot mop. 
Adequate scope of delivery
The robot mopiLife W400 arrives in a cardboard box with (unfortunately) quite a lot of plastic packaging. The robot mop itself as well as accessory parts are included: 
1 x Remote control (with batteries)
1 x Charging base
1 x Power cable
1 x Replacement fibre roller
1 x User manual and quick start guide
1 x Cleaning tool

Installation & Set-up
Before we can test the robot mop, it has to be charged. To do so, we place it on the charging base (which serves as a drip off base at the same time – very functional!) that is installed centrally in our flat.  
As soon as the robot is fully charged, we can easily fill the water tank with fresh water (according to the manual, we should not use any detergent – what a shame). Afterwards, we mount the water tank at the top side of the robot, and we can finally start with the iLife W400 test.

Different cleaning modes
The different cleaning modes of the iLife W400 are suitable for different room conditions so that we can choose an appropriate cleaning mode for each situation. Generally, we find that the path-mode is most useful, but depending on the selected mode, the robot mop by iLife uses another navigation pattern:
In path-mode, it independently and methodically drives through the room. The spot-mode serves to clean a small area in a spiral pattern. In edge-mode, the iLife particularly cleans along walls and side bars. And in zone-mode, the robot mop only cleans the area in front of it. Furthermore, we can control the iLife W400 manually with direction buttons on the remote control. 

Control with a remote or manually
The different cleaning modes can either be selected with the remote control or on the device itself. There is a CLEAN-button on top side of the robot as well as an info-button. So, you can see – the operation of the robot mop is particularly easy. 

How the iLife W400 cleans your floors
Until now, robot mops could not convince all of our customers because most of them only have a small water tank and literally a “mopping” function. The iLife W400 is different: it rather scrubs the floor thanks to the efficient cleaning system. 
The robot mop has two different, large water tanks: one fresh water tank with 0,85 l and one dirt water tank with 0,9 l. The cleaning principle works like this: Fresh water is sprayed onto the floor. Then, the iLife W400 scrubs the floors with a rotating fibre roller. Afterwards, the dirt water is sucked into the dirt water tank and a scraper wipes away the water residues. 

Cleaning results of the robot mop review
In our iLife W400 review, the robot mop had to prove its skills on tiles, parquet and laminate. It didn’t only have to remove light soiling but also dried up paw-prints and slobber-stains of our German shepherd. We have realized that this is absolutely no problem for after only one cleaning process. It has removed all our foot and paw-prints as well as the dried-up slobber-stains. We are thrilled – until now, no other robot mop could do this! 

Our conclusion in the iLife W400 review
First things first – the iLife W400 has convinced us with its cleaning results from bottom to top! We also find the simple operation great. We only found some little things we did not like about the robot. Below you’ll find a list of all advantages and disadvantages we got to know during the robot mop reviews:
+ efficient cleaning system (scrubbing instead of mopping)
+ easy operation
+ many different cleaning modes
+ particularly large water tanks
+ one fresh and one dirt water tank
+ charging base serves as a drip off base
- height of the device (doesn’t fit under low furniture)
- fibre roller can only be washed by hand
- no detergent usable

Buy the iLife W400 – with free 5-year guarantee
The new robot mop by iLife is available in our myRobotcenter online-shop as of now. You can order it there directly and you’ll receive a 5-year guarantee free of charge! 

15/05/2019 | myRobotcenter
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