IFTTT for Controlling Robot Hoovers

16/05/2018 | myRobotcenter
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The acronym IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”. Easily explained it means that there is a trigger which causes an action. Therefore, they are logical connections that can be operated in the most different ways in our everyday life. As of late also for the controlling of robot vacuums. 

IFTTT for Controlling Robot Hoovers
The IFTTT technology is a new possibility to control vacuum robots. Required is the WLAN capability and a connection to IFTTT. In our range there can be found the following models which can be operated with IFTTT:

Which Commands can be operated?
To control the robot hoover with IFTTT, there has to be installed the IFTTT app on your smartphone which is available for Android and iOS free of charge. In the app it is best to look for the brand name (e.g. iRobot, Neato) to find the possible commands (so-called applets). Many of the commands are also a combination with voice-services like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.
Right now, the following commands are available (depending on the brand):
  • • Start the robot hoover via Google Assisten/Amazon Alexa/Microsoft Cortana
  • • Start the cleaning as soon as the last family member has left the house
  • • Pause the vacuum robot when I get a call
  • • Stop the robot hoover when I come home
  • • Stop the cleaning when the doorbell rings
  • • Publish a tweet (#dusty) or Facebook Post when cleaning is completed
  • • Receive a notification when the robot has finished its chore
The commands/applets are only available in English. Additionally, many of the commands are only available in combination with an Android-Smartphone (e.g. Pause the robot hoover when I get a call). 

Example: Neato

Prefabricated Applets or your own Creation
For the operation of IFTTT controlling your robot hoover, there can be used prefabricated applets. If you have got the necessary Know-How you can also programme your own applets. 

16/05/2018 | myRobotcenter
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