Do Not Read This If You Have a Passion for Window Cleaning!

18/03/2016 | myRobotcenter
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Anyone who likes cleaning his or her windows: this report is not for you. You will be disappointed. I have tested the new Winbot W850 window cleaning robot and it cleans every window perfectly without leaving behind any stripes – which is what I myself only achieve after a long struggle with a lot of cleaning agent and cloth. 
The Window Cleaning Robot and All its Parts
But let me start at the beginning: After the Winbot W850 was introduced to you in the last blog entry, I decided that I had to check it out myself.
The Winbot W850 window cleaning robot from Ecovacs is delivered together with a remote control, cleaning pads and –solution, a finishing cloth, a power adapter and an extension cord, a safety pod and tether and of course, an instruction manual. 

Getting it Started
After putting everything together according to the instruction manual I just had to charge the batteries and then I could start. I had to attach the cleaning pad to the bottom of the window cleaning robot and sprayed it with the cleaning solution. Next, I attached the safety pod to the window. I recommend using this security mechanism especially when cleaning outside windows on upper levels, as it should be avoided from falling off onto the ground. However due to its impressive air suction mechanism Winbot W850 window cleaning robot will never let you down. 

Attaching it to the Window
After taking care of all this I turned on the Winbot W850 window cleaning robot and placed it on my window – it immediately attached itself and the blue LED light around the “Play button” shined continuously, telling me that I could let it go and start the cleaning process with the help of the remote control. On the remote control I can choose between pressing the buttons “N” or “Z”, which start cleaning modes that are especially designed for high or wide windows respectively, or just pressing “Play” where the right cleaning mode is chosen automatically in order to start the process. I pressed the “Play” button and the Winbot W850 window cleaning robot started off right away cleaning my window. I also tried mode “N” on a high window later on, which worked out perfectly well too. Its sound does not pose any problem thereby, I could even have a conversation next to it. 

While the window cleaning robot was busy cleaning I even left the room without worrying about it as it is attached to the window really well. With a happy ringing sound it lets me know that it has finished its work and by pressing the “Play” button for a couple of seconds I can detach it from the window. 

The Outcome
The result is impressive: the windows are cleaned free of stripes, the Winbot W850 window cleaning robot reached out into all the edges and I have a clear view again. For everyone who does not mind leaving the window cleaning work to somebody else, but still wants to have clean windows on a regular base, this is the right thing. It will not be able to do the annual spring-cleaning at which the really dirty windows must be cleaned, but if you let it work regularly thereafter, you will not be annoyed having to clean your windows anymore.  

Testblogger Christina tested and reviewed the Winbot W850 window cleaning robot for you. 

18/03/2016 | myRobotcenter
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