Dreame robots 2022: Presentation robot vacuum mop D9, D9 Pro, D9 Max and F9

03/02/2022 | myRobotcenter
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With the smart home-compatible robot vacuum mops D9, D9 Pro, D9 Max and F9, Dreame has brought a series of new models onto the market. What are the strengths of the products and how do they differ from each other? In the following, we present the 2022 dreme robots and show what is worth considering.

D9: Dreame robot vacuum and mop with different cleaning modes for hard floors and carpets
The Dreame D9 can be regarded as the basic model of the D9, D9 Pro and D9 Max series. But this does not mean that it is not worth taking a closer look. With its price-performance ratio, the D9 is a very good entry-level model that has a few extra features beyond the basic functions.
The Dreame robot vacuum and mop is controlled via an app. It is easy to install and guides even robot novices well through the handling. Moreover, the household robot can be integrated into a smart home and controlled via Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

The D9 is equipped with LIDAR navigation technology and precisely records its surroundings right from the first pass. Thanks to integrated SLAM algorithms, the data is transferred to the smartphone in real time and is available in the app as virtual maps. After the D9 has detected everything, it calculates the optimal cleaning route and suggests it in the app. How and in which order the rooms are ultimately cleaned is up to the user, of course. Due to the possibility of saving maps of up to three floors, the robot vacuum cleaner with mop can also be used very well in multi-level flats or houses.
The Dreame robot D9 vacuums and mops in one pass when desired. It is equipped with a considerable suction power of 3,000 Pascal. Depending on the requirements (kind of surface and the degree of soiling), you can choose between four suction modes. A special feature is the automatic carpet detection: if the household robot drives onto a carpet, it recognizes it and automatically increases the suction power to its maximum. In this way, even deeper layers are cleaned thoroughly. Wet cleaning can also be adapted to specific areas. For this purpose, the water supply can be adjusted in 3 levels. The Dreame D9 has a 570 ml dust container to capture the collected dust. For wet cleaning, it is equipped with a water tank with a capacity of 270 ml. A 5,200 mAh motor provides the household helper with enough energy for a maximum running time of 150 minutes.

Dreame D9 Pro: The powerful and efficient robot vacuum mop
The Dreame D9 Pro has more suction power than the D9: while the D9 has 3,000 Pascal, the D9 Pro is equipped with 4,000 Pascal. Otherwise, the Pro version has the same strengths as the D9. Operating via the smartphone app is simple and user-friendly. The installation of the app and its handling are uncomplicated. The Dreame robot vacuum and mop D9 Pro can also be integrated into the Smart Home (Amazon Alexa, Google Home). However, it is important to note that only the basic functions are available when using voice control. To change settings, such as water consumption, you have to go via the app. 
The laser-supported navigation technology LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) enables the D9 Pro to find its way around the rooms quickly. The data captured by the precision laser is transferred to the app in the form of virtual maps in real time. After the first cleaning trip, the D9 Pro divides the rooms and suggests the most efficient cleaning route. This vacuum robot cleaner with mop can also store up to three levels, which means it can be used very well in flats or houses with several floors.

The D9 Pro can do the vacuuming and mopping in one pass. The suction power can be used in different modes, while its great power is particularly useful in the carpet detection mode. Thanks to an electric water tank that can be used to regulate the water supply in stages, the mopping can be adapted to the requirements of the floor. This prevents the floor from being mopped with too much water, which could cause damage to the floor, for example.

Like the basic model Dreame D9, this robot vacuum mop is powered by a 5,200 mAh motor and has a maximum runtime of 150 minutes. Its dust bin captures 570 ml, the water tank has a capacity of 270 ml.

Dreame robot vacuum and mop D9 Max: Thorough, precise and antibacterial
If you compare the two models, D9 and D9 Pro with the Dreame D9 Max, what stands out most is its wet cleaning. But first things first.
For the D9 Max robot vacuum mop, Dreame has also relied on proven functions and technologies. The app control via the Xiaomi Home App is easy to handle, the download of the app (for Android or iOS) runs without any problems. Once the app is installed, it can recognize the device and display its functions on the smartphone. This robot vacuum cleaner with mop is also smart home compatible and can be operated with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. However, only the basic cleaning functions can be controlled by using the voice assistant. Setting details must be made via the app.
Like the robot vacuum and mop D9 and D9 Pro, the Dreame D9 Max relies on LIDAR technology for its navigation. It scans its surroundings and detects possible obstacles using laser radar. Thanks to SLAM algorithms, the collected information becomes visible in real-time in the app as virtual maps. On the maps, no-go zones or virtual walls can be defined so that the robot vacuum mop avoids certain areas, for example.
Depending on the user's requirements, the Dreame D9 Max can either vacuum and mop in one run, or perform only one of the two tasks. Thanks to its high suction power of 4,000 pascals, the household robot vacuums hard floors and carpets very thoroughly (it is also equipped with the carpet detection function). In wet cleaning, the D9 Max has a plus point compared to the two models D9 and D9 Pro. In addition to the 3-stage adjustable water supply, the robot vacuum with mop has an antibacterial mopping cloth that removes 99.99% of bacteria.
The capacity of its dust container is 570 ml, the water tank holds 270 ml. The D9 Max also has a 5,200 mAh battery, which provides a maximum runtime of 150 minutes.

The household robot F9: Dreame robot vacuum and mop with dual gyro sensor
The Dreame F9 is a robot vacuum mop whose cleaning functions can be individually adapted to individual areas. The basic difference to the Dreame D9, D9 Pro and D9 Max robots is its navigation technology.
The smart F9 can be controlled via the Xiaomi Home App, which is available for download in the popular stores for Android and iOS. Just as with the previously described household robots D9, D9 Pro and D9 Max, the installation of the app is uncomplicated, and the operation is user-friendly. The integration into the smart home (Amazon Alexa or Google Home) can be done with the smartphone app. A note for smart home users: The full range of functions can only be accessed via the app. Using voice control, routine tasks can be instructed, which means a considerable increase in convenience in daily use.
The navigation technology is the key difference to the other Dreame robots - D9, D9 Pro and D9 Max. When constructing the Dreame robot vacuum and mop F9, the manufacturer has used gyroscope technology: the robot vacuum mop is equipped with a dual gyro sensor with 14 TOF sensors. Thanks to this technology, the F9 is about 1.5 cm thinner than robots with laser-based navigation systems, because it does not need the attachment for the LIDAR precision laser. It can use this advantage when cleaning under furniture - here 1.5 cm can decide whether a household robot can vacuum under the sofa or not.
While the suction power of the F9 is slightly below that of the D9 (the F9 has a max. suction power of 2,500 Pascal, the D9 is equipped with a maximum of 3,000 Pascal), it is in no way behind the D9, D9 Pro and D9 Max models in wet cleaning. The Dreame F9 is also equipped with an electric water tank with a 3-stage adjustable water supply. This means you can adjust the moisture of the mop to the requirements in certain areas and optimize the mopping result. In addition, it mops with an antibacterial cloth that removes 99.99% of bacteria.
The Dreame F9 is powered by a 5,200 mAh battery and this household helper, too, has a long maximum runtime of 150 minutes. Due to its 600 ml dust bin, the F9 can vacuum extensive rooms before the container needs to be emptied. On the other hand, it has a water tank capacity of 200 ml to ensure fresh water supply for wet cleaning.

The new Dreame robots as a fitting addition to the assortment

The new models from Dreame are a fitting extension to the existing assortment. Like the Dreame Bot L10 Pro, the Dreame robot vacuum and mops D9, D9 Pro, D9 Max and F9 are very interesting household robots for flats or houses with hard floors and carpets. Compared to the Dreame Bot Z10 or the Dreame Bot W10 robot vacuum mops, they are not equipped with an automatic self-emptying station or an auto cleaning station. But this also shows in the purchase costs: all new models in the myRobotcenter assortment provide with a very good price-performance ratio. Whether you opt for the basic model or a flatter version, want to be equipped with more suction power or prefer a more intensive wet cleaning depends on your individual needs at home. The assortment offers devices for all of this.

03/02/2022 | myRobotcenter
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