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16/07/2019 | myRobotcenter
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Just in time for summer, we have a new pool robot series: PoolBot powered by Dolphin. There are six different models available in a noble grey-white design from Dolphin. Big plus point: the models are exclusively available from us and include the free 5-year myRobotcenter guarantee!
Dolphin e-series vs. Dolphin PoolBot-series
Now you're wondering, "And what's the difference to the Dolphin E-series?" There is no (!) structural difference to Dolphin's current e-series. The PoolBot models are identical to the e-series and differ only in the device color, the model name and the free 5-year guarantee, extended by myRobotcenter.

Which PoolBot for various pool types?
PoolBot has a suitable pool robot cleaner for almost every pool. Be it only floor cleaning or cleaning the floor, wall and water line.  The cleaning result and the products themselves fulfill Dolphin's high-quality standards. A suitable pool cleaning robot for every cleaning case: Depending on the model type, they can be used for saltwater, chlorine or natural pools. Last but not least, an important aspect for your handling after the pool cleaning: A fast, dirt-free water return supports the removal from the water. The filter unit is easily accessible for convenient cleaning, can be rinsed with clear water and then reused.

For which pool shape are PoolBot pool robots suitable?
All models of the PoolBot line are suitable for cleaning a wide variety of pool shapes. Whether rectangular, oval or with a free form - the pool vacuum cleaners powered by Dolphin reliably take care of the cleaning of your pool.
Here is a recommendation from us: for round pools or also for rounded walls such as, for example, for pools with slightly curved walls, we generally only recommend a pool robot for floor cleaning. Why? Because the adhesion to the inclined, curved walls is unfortunately often insufficient for the robot to be able to move vertically on its own.

PoolBot PB10 - the pool floor cleaner
The PoolBot PB model (identical to the robot Dolphin E10) is particularly characterized by its light weight and small size (6.3kg) and its easy operation. The PoolBot PB 10 pool robot is fabulous for cleaning any type of pool floor and can also be used by beginners without much effort. It can be used for pool sizes up to max. 8 x 4 meters.

PoolBot PB20 and PoolBot PB25: Cleaning floors and walls
All other models from this series, PoolBot PB20 and PB25 pool cleaning robots and the PoolBot PB30 and PoolBot PB35 models are suitable for cleaning pool floors and walls. The Dolphin PoolBot series’ intelligent navigation system allows you to easily climb and clean walls.
The pool vacuum cleaner models are suitable for PVC, concrete and surface pools. The maximum pool size is 50 m2. The two models PB20 and PB25 have a cable length of 15 meters and thus create pool lengths of up to max. 10 meters. They are identical to Dolphin E20 or robot Dolphin E25.

What is the difference between the PoolBot PB25 and PB20 models?
First of all, it must be said that the models are identical in construction and can be used for floor and wall cleaning. BUT the PoolBot PB25 powered by Dolphin is equipped with a two-stage filter system and timer function. The two-stage filter system of the robotic pool cleaner consists of a filter basket plus a filter cartridge. So that the water is cleaned of the finest particles but also larger impurities. This keeps the pool water clean, clear and hygienic.
In addition, the PB 25 model is equipped with a timer function. This makes it possible to program when the cleaning should take place. In summary, this means that the PB25 PoolBot differs from the PB20 model only in a timer function and a two-stage filter system - the dimensions and technology are the same for both models.

PoolBot PB30 and PoolBot PB 35: for pools up to max. 12 x 5 meters
These two PoolBot models are identical in construction and clean the floor, walls and waterline. Thanks to the integrated double brush system, impurities in the pool are removed effectively. The PowerStream mobility system ensures improved navigation and a durable grip on various surfaces. The only difference between these two model types is the transport caddy which is only supplied with the Dolphin PoolBot PB35. The two models are identical in construction to the robot Dolphin E30 or Dolphin E35.
Only PoolBot BP35 with practical caddy
The PoolBot PB35 pool robot is equipped with an extremely practical transport trolley (also called caddy). This makes it easy to transport and store the pool robot cleaner. The transport trolley will be assembled in a few easy steps.

PoolBot PBio: only suitable for natural pools
The PoolBot PBio can be used up to a maximum size of 112 m2. It can be used for natural water, swimming ponds, natural pools and bio pools - analogous to Dolphin Supreme bio. During its cleaning process, it cleans reliably with an innovative suction system and three active brushes.
It is important to know that it does not damage or endanger living creatures or plants in your natural pool. The water is permanently purified by the PBio pool robot with a triple filter system and a special bio-intensive mode, thus preventing clouding.

Note for use with chlorine or salt water pools
The PoolBot models can also be used for salt water and chlorine pools. Important here are the water values with the following details: Chlorine level: Max. 4 ppm / NaCl 5,000 ppm.
Do you have any questions? No problem! Send us your request via contact form or by e-mail. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right pool robot model for your cool wet!

16/07/2019 | myRobotcenter
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