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29/04/2019 | myRobotcenter
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The latest producst in our assortment promise maximum gaming fun for your four-legged friend: the dog toys iFetch iDig Stay and iFetch iDig Go. They are the first digging toys for dogs. Both of them are suitable for every dog breed. But which model is best for your dog?
The functions of the dog toys
iFetch iDig Stay and iFetch iDig Go work the same way: You can keep your four-legged friend's favorite treats or another toy hidden in the iFetch's cloth flaps. Then your dog can start the treasure hunt. Due to the different difficulty levels and flap designs, he or she doesn't know where the things are hidden. That doesn't make it easy for your dog to find the treats. With the iFetch iDig models, your four-legged friend won't get bored, because fun is guaranteed.

What are the advantages of these dog toys?
Every four-legged friend loves to dig in the ground, because it seems to be a lot of fun. The work afterwards is not very pleasant for you: your dog is covered with dirt from top to bottom and has to be bathed. And every dog owner knows: this not only costs time, but also nerves. That's why iFetch has developed two new dog toys. These are the first digging toys for dogs. The toys iDig Stay and iDig Go are suitable for all dog breeds, no matter if big or small.  That's why different four-legged friends can play together. This is a big advantage for all dogs and dog owners. Social contacts are made, and your four-legged friends have fun playing together.

The differences between iFetch iDig Go and iFetch iDig Stay
The functions of the two toys are the same, but what are the differences? They are made of different materials, because not every dog (or dog owner) likes every material. iDig Go is made of a finer material. It is made of fabric. iDig Stay is made of plastic. Both dog devices can be taken along, but iDig Go is better to take along because it can be folded.

The most important things you should know about the two iDig models
The flaps of the toys can be washed in the washing machine, which is very practical.  Many other toys can usually only be washed by hand. This prolongs the life of the toy. Another advantage is that the toys are easy to store. They do not need much space. Both dog toys are suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
So if you’d want to encourage your dog’s play instinct (and are sick and tired of seeing him digging through your garden), the dog toys by iFetch are perfectly suitable for you. Both models, iFetch iDig Stay and iFetch iDig Go, are available as of now in the online-shop of myRobotcenter.   

29/04/2019 | myRobotcenter
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