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17/01/2019 | myRobotcenter
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We are happy to increase our product range and have added one device category – as of late, there are many different cordless vacuums or hand held hoovers available in our online-shop. We would love to explain to you why “The expert for robots in your home” now sells normal vacuum cleaners. 
New in stock: cordless vacuums
Dust, dirt and hair doesn’t only accumulate on your floors but also on your furniture such as sofa or bed. The soiling also remains on the stairs. This is a weakness of robot hoovers because these places are inaccessible for the little helpers. This is exactly the reason why you can now find “normal” vacuum cleaners in our range, because they are the perfect addition to a robot hoover.  

Bagless, cordless and suitable for different floors
The hand held hoovers work completely cordlessly. Furthermore, they are – just as our robot hoovers – bagless vacuum cleaners. This means, no bags are required so that there are not produced any additional follow-up costs. In our online-shop you will find many different models that are suitable for the most different kind of floors. 

Cordless vacuum cleaners by Dibea
If you already know something about the robot hoover segment, you might have already heard of the brand Dibea. The Chinese manufacturer has got many years of experience in the matters of household appliances, especially with vacuum cleaners. In our online-shop you will find two popular robot hoovers by Dibea and, as of late, the following hand held vacuums:

Hand held hoovers by e.zicom
The French manufacturer as well has entered the market of household appliances many years ago. With the e.ziclean series it presents different cordless vacuum cleaners that are suitable for the most different households. It offers even a suitable vacuum cleaner for pet hair: 

You can order or pre-order the hand held vacuums in the online-shop of myRobotcenter as of now. 

17/01/2019 | myRobotcenter
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