Christmas Countdown No.2: Roby and the Christmas presents

10/12/2021 | myRobotcenter
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Insiders know that Roby likes to ride a sleigh. Loaded with Christmas presents ranging from household appliances to battery-powered tools, he likes to compete with Santa Claus at Christmas. But he is also known as a do-it-yourselfer with creative solutions, as the following story shows...

Quickly getting the Christmas presents

The Advent season has begun, and the first snow of winter covers the landscape. However, despite all the joy of the white splendor, this is not the best news for Roby - he still has to go to town to get his outstanding Christmas presents. He found them among the gift tips and fantastic deals at myRobotcenter and stored them temporarily with his friends, so they wouldn't be discovered at home. But now good advice is expensive - how can he get to town without getting stuck in the snow? Roby wouldn't be Roby if he didn't have the right solutions ready. 

Battery-powered tools as a last-minute helper
As the snow outside increases and time threatens to run out, Roby thinks to himself, "Why not just take the sled?" Thought, done ... But when he gets it out of the storage room, he notices that the runners have rust stains. But fortunately, Roby has been getting gifts for do it yourselfers over the years. So, he owns a number of battery-powered tools and knows how to help himself. He picks up his PowerG PT190301 - 20 V battery angle grinder and, with a practiced eye, works the skids a little here, a little there ... whoops!  
Fortunately, Roby has an iRobot Braava Jet M6 robot mop. And it's in tip-top shape.

The special trick with the electric mop

Before the start, Roby prepares the runway in the yard. He needs as good an entry as possible to get to the city quickly. His high-pressure washer sits well in his hand and is ideal for blowing fresh snow off the runway. But that's not all. To get off to the fastest possible start, Roby has a secret household appliance trick up his sleeve. He quickly fetches his Mamibot MOPA680 electric mop, a myRobotcenter offer that he has already given himself in advance. With it, he polishes the toboggan runway and turns it into a racetrack unlike any other.

A sleigh full of Christmas presents

Roby has probably never been in the city this quickly (in my opinion). In any case, no ride has ever been so much fun. When he loads the sleigh, he almost feels a bit like Santa Claus - but no reindeer can be found right away. So, he has no choice but to pull the sleigh home himself. However, packed with wonderful gifts. There's the right one for everyone, thanks to the Christmas presents finder from myRobotcenter.

10/12/2021 | myRobotcenter
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