Christmas Countdown No.1: Gifts for the kitchen

03/12/2021 | myRobotcenter
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Roby is a nerd who loves the Christmas season. Today he bakes gingerbread cookies with great enthusiasm. Unfortunately, not without incidents. Luckily, our expert Roby has kitchen helpers from myRobotcenter to support him and lend a hand with the clean-up. 

Roby and the Christmas bakery: Good thing there's a robot vacuum ...

Take some flour, butter, eggs, sugar, and salt - put everything in a bowl and stir well until you get a smooth dough. Roby is really motivated and immediately starts making the dough for his Christmas cookies. Of course, only the best ingredients are used, and everything is mixed with lots of love. A little too much love, perhaps - it just dusts and splatters when stirring vigorously. 


Fortunately, Roby recently got a robot vacuum with mop from Cecotec, and it's already waiting in the corner. The Cecotec Conga 2290 Ultra Home not only vacuums the kitchen floor but also wipes it with a damp cloth. With its 3 cleaning modes each, it manages to clean heavily dusty and dirty surfaces efficiently and in no time. Thanks to the suction station, the robot vacuum cleaner can empty itself during the cleaning process should the dust container become too full. The intelligent water dosage ensures the right amount of water when cleaning wet. And the best part - Roby can even start his robotic kitchen helper by voice command. Perfect if your fingers are still sticky, or you don't have time to operate your smartphone. In any case, Roby's kitchen floor is sparkling clean again in no time. 


"Such a robot vacuum cleaner with mop is an ideal gift for the kitchen," Roby thinks.

The fridge deo - goodbye bad odors

The first dough for the Christmas cookies is ready. Now the cookie dough has to rest in the refrigerator. Roby puts the bowl in the refrigerator. In doing so, he overlooks the fact that he didn't pack the remaining onion properly last night. This will end up with onion-flavored gingerbread, ugh ...

What a happy coincidence that Roby owns the fridge deo GenHigh Skillfull O. In any case, a handy gift for the kitchen because it eliminates bacteria that cause fruit and vegetables to spoil faster by means of ozone emission. At the same time, it neutralizes bad odors in the refrigerator. A kitchen helper that is not only easy on the wallet, but also on the nose.

Speaking of air purifiers - ever burned cookies?

While the gingerbread cookies are in the oven, Roby still must clean the kitchen himself, despite the help of the robot vacuum. Unfortunately, there is no kitchen helper (yet) for loading the dishwasher, and storing the ingredients is not done automatically either. Unfortunately, Roby has forgotten to set the timer. He only notices the mess when it starts to smoke from the oven. Oh dear, almost everything is burnt! And how it stinks!


Roby quickly fetches his air purifier from Sharp. This compact household helper effectively filters pollen, dust, viruses, bacteria, and odours from the room air using a multi-stage filter system. The Sharp FPJ30EUB makes the smell of burnt cookies disappear in no time. Thanks to the timer function, the air purifier also turns off automatically after the desired time. 


Well, the cookie action wasn't successful, but at least Roby could rely on his robotic friends and kitchen helpers from myRobotcenter.

03/12/2021 | myRobotcenter
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