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12/06/2018 | myRobotcenter
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When buying a robot lawn mower, it is important to know the size of the lawn area. To measure the garden size, Google Maps is offering a useful tool: distance measuring.

Calculate areas and distances with Google Maps
  • 1. Google your address

  • Who hasn’t done it before? Search for your own address on Google Maps. The search result will deliver a bird’s eye perspective of your property.


  • 2. Choose a starting point

  • Right-click on the point you like to start from and choose “Measure distance”.

  • 3. Define the area

  • Click by click you can now trace the lawn area with the left mouse button until you reach the starting point again.


  • For an especially precise result, you can add further marks afterwards and adjust the form. Just click on any point on the measuring line and move the mark afterwards.

  • 4. Read off the garden size

  • You just need to read off the area size now. Nice to know is also the length (distance) of the drawn in line. The value will give a rough picture of how much boundary wire you will need.


Please keep in mind: If there are a lot of obstacles on your lawn you have to leave out with the perimeter wire, you will clearly need more perimeter wire.

Calculate the lawn area: Why it is important to know the size

The robot mower is able to manage the stated area size when running 24/7. Is the ground uneven and challenging, the robot will have trouble to mow the whole area satisfyingly. We therefore recommend to choose a model with slightly higher area output than the size of your garden.

If you want your robot lawn mower not to work all the time, for example because there are children playing in the garden during the day, it might be reasonable to choose a robot mower with even higher area output. It will manage to mow smaller areas in a shorter time and also the wear will be reduced.

12/06/2018 | myRobotcenter
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