Autumn gardening: hedge trimming

08/09/2021 | myRobotcenter
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Which gardening tasks are necessary for autumn? Starting in October, your garden will need work such as clearing your beds, planting winter vegetables, and pruning hedges. 

The right time to trim hedges

Hedges are popular in our gardens. Within a short time, they provide an ideal privacy screen from unwanted glances and turn your garden into a private oasis. But to prevent the garden from becoming a wilderness, you should trim hedges regularly. But be careful, when warmer temperatures prevail and possibly bird nests in your hedges, you may give your hedges at most a topiary. Therefore, the ideal time for pruning hedges is in the course of your gardening work in autumn. 

What garden tools are useful when trimming hedges?
If you don't want a professional gardener to work on your hedges, you can do it by yourself. But what gardening tools do you need? Since this year, we offer various battery-powered garden appliances in our online store. Among them are cordless lawnmowers and chainsaws, and special cutting tools for trees, hedges, and shrubs
Depending on the shrub or hedge, you will need different gardening tools. What you should also keep in mind is that there will be a lot of green waste, which will have to be disposed of or can be processed for compost. 
For cutting bushes and smaller shrubs, a grass clipper or hedge trimmer is sufficient. However, if you want to cut classic hedges, you should go for a longer hedge trimmer. Depending on the height of the garden hedges to be cut, it is even worth investing in a telescopic hedge trimmer or long-reach hedge trimmer

Procedure and technique for hedge pruning
First, you should think about where you will keep all the green waste until recycling or disposal. Either, you shred the cut branches and twigs using a pair of shears. Or you can use a shredder. With both garden tools, you can shred the cuttings and fill them into bags or baskets. This will not only save you space but - if you want to compost it - you will also achieve faster decomposition. Once the storage situation has been clarified, it's time to cut the hedge.
The shape of a real garden hedge should be wider towards the bottom. This has the advantage that the shoots close to the ground also get enough light and do not become bare. In addition, it is advantageous to have less load at the top than at the bottom. This is especially important for the winter because the hedge must withstand the load of snow. Considering these two things, normally nothing should stand in the way of a beautiful hedge next year. 
When trimming a hedge, start by removing all dead branches and twigs. If the hedge is higher than desired, make a reduction cut. Every 5 to 7 years, you should also cut the strongest trunks about 30 cm above the ground (do not cut larch and thuja). Finally, the hedge is trimmed with e.g., a cordless hedge trimmer

08/09/2021 | myRobotcenter
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