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15/03/2019 | myRobotcenter
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To find the best way to clean windows isn’t easy at all – without the correct technique it is almost impossible to obtain a streak-free result. And also otherwise, window cleaning is not really our favourite thing to do. It is exhausting and sometimes even dangerous. How convenient that a window cleaning robot can overtake this bothersome work. 
It’s the same every year: In winter we like to avoid it, but when the sun is shining again and dirt and streaks block our view, we can’t avoid a spring cleaning. And with the spring cleaning comes the window cleaning – the most unpopular of all household chores. How lucky we are that there are little robotic helpers overtaking this work for us in the future. 

Window cleaning with a window cleaning robot
Clean windows at the push of a button – that’s what modern glass cleaner robots promise. But how do they actually work? Window cleaning robots are small electrical devices with one or more microfiber-cloths mounted on their underside. To start the cleaning, the window cleaning machines are turned on and pressed on the surface to be cleaned. With negative pressure, the robots attach to the window and move over the surface in the selected pattern. The robots are controlled with the included remote control or even via a smartphone-app (depending on the model). 

Window cleaning without streaks – the right technology makes the difference
Without the correct technique, we are totally lost: At first glance, the windows look clean but as soon as the sun comes up we can see every single cleaning movement. With a window cleaning robot, it is different. By using the right technique, the robots move in a zig-zag pattern and do not leave any traces. Particularly efficiently: A model of the German manufacturer Blaupunkt is equipped with a vibrating cleaning head which helps to remove dirt even more efficiently by scrubbing the window. 

Choose a suitable window cleaning robot: What’s the big deal?
Window cleaning robots are – as the name already suggests – primarily suitable for window cleaning. A lot of them are also suitable to be operated on other glass surfaces, such as glass doors, glass tables or mirrors. When selecting a robotic glass cleaner, you definitely have to have an eye on whether you would like to operate the robot on framed or frameless windows. Not all window cleaning machines are capable of detecting the end of the window. 
Generally, please mind the minimum and maximum size of the glass surface. In the past, the thickness of the glass has also been of relevance but the recent models can be operated on any glass thickness. Therefore, the window cleaners are also suitable for multiple glazing.

The minimum size of the glass surface depends on the robot size. The smallest window that can be cleaned with a robot has to be at least 40 x 40 cm. The maximum size of the glass surface should not exceed 6 x 5 m

Window cleaning on sloping roofs and winter gardens
Many window cleaning robots are equipped with incline-sensors as a matter of security. Therefore, it is almost impossible to operate them on inclined windows such as skylights. The only possibility is to control them manually with the remote control. 
The usage of the glass cleaners in winter gardens is also possible in limited form only. The robots should not be operated overhead. Therefore, the ceiling of the winter garden cannot be cleaned with a window robot on the inside. 

Window cleaning with a robot: How often?
The robot must be operated regularly to obtain good cleaning results. You’re probably thinking “What do you mean, clean the windows more often?” The robotic glass cleaner really has to be operated regularly but all you have to do is to turn it on and attach it to the window. So, it’s not that bad, is it? 
We recommend to manually clean the windows before the first operation in spring. The robots can usually not wipe away the dirt that has been accumulated over months all by themselves. 

Window cleaning without streaks with the preferred cleaning fluid
Not all window cleaning tools are delivered with a suitable cleaning fluid. If none is included, you might as well use your preferred detergent, lukewarm water or a water-spirit-mixture. Whether a conventional glass cleaner or vinegar – when it comes to cleaning windows without stripes, opinions differ widely. It is the best to use the same cleaner that you have used before. 

When window cleaning is supposed to be fun
So if you are asking yourself once more “how to clean windows”, we have the best answer for you: with a window cleaning robot. The robotic helpers support you not only by offering the best way to clean windows but they also assure your safety through all of that. So, what are you waiting for? At myRobotcenter you’ll find the most popular window cleaning robots – even with a free 5-year guarantee (marked models)! 

15/03/2019 | myRobotcenter
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