5 reasons to buy a refurbished robot lawn mower

15/09/2021 | myRobotcenter
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myRobotcenter offers former demonstration models and devices returned by customers for sale in the online shop. Here are five reasons why these refurbished robot lawn mowers are worth buying.

Price: refurbished robot lawn mowers at a special price

Our refurbished robot mowers, pool robots or household robots are demonstration models that were exhibited in our shops in Austria, or which were in use by customers for a short time. So they hardly have power-on hours (especially during the Corona year 2020) or signs of wear. Before we sell these models, e.g., robot lawn mowers, they are tested, and professionally cleaned by our technicians. Our engineers also replace components with signs of wear. Afterwards, the refurbished models are as good as new, and you can buy them at a special price in our online shop.

Time of delivery: used robot mowers are nearly always on stock

The demonstration models are in stock and just wait for you to get them. One day after receiving your order, we will send you the refurbished model. So it will reach you in the shortest possible time - depending on the choice of delivery service. Here is an overview of all payment and shipping information for the UK and the EU.

Guarantee: no technical deficits, no manufacturing errors

Demonstration models are examined and well-tested by our service team. So it is very unlikely that, e.g. refurbished robot lawn mowers show any technical defects or manufacturing errors. The refurbished models are in sound condition and therefore have the manufacturer's 2-years guarantee.

Scope of delivery: refurbished and if needed equipped with new spare parts

After a used robot mower is technically tested, we check the condition of all included accessories and spare parts. Are the blades intact and sharp? Are there any missing parts? We ensure that the scope of delivery is complete, and that used or missing parts are replaced by new ones. To order a furbished robot lawn mower is like ordering a new model - except that there may be signs of use. But they are also much cheaper.

Environment protection: buy used for the benefit of our planet

Unlike other companies, myRobotcenter does not want to destroy returned units. Because this would be unnecessarily produced waste. So we decided to refurb the returned products and demonstration models and sell them as used and refurbished devices. Returned units don't have technical deficits. Whatever reason there was, the customers could not use the device the way they thought and made use of the 30-day money-back opportunity. So, in buying a refurbished model, you do not only benefit from the special price of our intensively checked and tested models - you also support going eco-friendly and resource saving ways.


Besides our refurbished robot lawn mowers, there are further demonstration models in the categories household robots, pool robots or even in battery appliances. You can find all of them in our online shop. But they are rare - so be quick!

15/09/2021 | myRobotcenter
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