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With the smart home-compatible robot vacuum mops D9, D9 Pro, D9 Max and F9, Dreame has brought a series of new models onto the market. What are the strengths of the products and how do they differ from each other? In the following, we present the 2022 dreme robots and show what is worth considering.


Every year, a lovingly decorated Christmas tree forms the glamorous central point of Roby's home. Therefore, the Christmas tree and its look is very important for the Christmas surprise. This year, Roby is very excited because he has a few smart home devices to support him before and during Christmas Eve.


Who doesn't wish for a white Christmas? Whether it will turn out this year is still written in the stars? To be on the safe side, Roby isn't relying on Mother Hulda alone, but instead is converting his garden and household helper, the cordless misting fan, into a snow cannon... But read for yourself!


Insiders know that Roby likes to ride a sleigh. Loaded with Christmas presents ranging from household appliances to battery-powered tools, he likes to compete with Santa Claus at Christmas. But he is also known as a do-it-yourselfer with creative solutions, as the following story shows...


Roby is a nerd who loves the Christmas season. Today he bakes gingerbread cookies with great enthusiasm. Unfortunately, not without incidents. Luckily, our expert Roby has kitchen helpers from myRobotcenter to support him and lend a hand with the clean-up. 


mops are driving around to assist us. But how does it work that you just press "start" and they find their way through your home? And: can household robots store maps - and are they capable of multi-level mapping?


In 2020, around 10.7 million dogs lived in Germany's households, according to There are a lot of paw prints and heaps of dog hair to remove. But which pet hair vacuum cleaners are the best? Thanks to office dog Zhira, we have gained experience in removing dog hair over the years. We used this experience to create a ranking of the three best robot vacuums and mops and the three best cordless vacuums for pet owners.


To avoid a rude awakening in spring, the robot mower should be stored properly at the end of the season. Here you can find out the best way to do this. 


Foliage in the garden, on the terrace or on the pavement? With the garden helpers from Yard Force, picking up leaves is child's play. The battery-powered leaf vacuums and leaf blowers are easy to handle, lightweight and flexible to use. Additionally, they operate emission-free and are quieter than their petrol-powered counterparts.


myRobotcenter offers former demonstration models and devices returned by customers for sale in the online shop. Here are five reasons why these refurbished robot lawn mowers are worth buying.


Which gardening tasks are necessary for autumn? Starting in October, your garden will need work such as clearing your beds, planting winter vegetables, and pruning hedges. 


Maintaining your garden takes a lot of time, effort and know-how. The Gardena smart system helps you to take care of your garden the way you want it. The starting point for this may be a robot lawn mower of the Gardena smart Sileno series.


Robot lawn mowers are becoming increasingly popular. But in a cultivated garden hedgehogs can also make their acquaintance, often with consequences for the animals. Even insects can suffer from the use of a robot grass cutter. But it doesn't take much effort from you to ensure the welfare of the animals. 


iRobot Roomba i7156 promises best results because of its strong suction power, different cleaning stages, and automatic floor detection. In our Roomba i7 review we got to the bottom of this claim and tested it for its thoroughness and usability.


Your goal is clean and streak-free windows! But how to clean windows streak-free with an automatic glass cleaning robot? Follow these 3 steps, and you won’t be surprised next time the sun is shining.


So, now it's definitely time, spring is here! And with it, not only the signs of spring appear in form of flowers, but also the dirty glass from the bad weather and the dust of the past winter months. It's time for a thorough spring cleaning! But who likes cleaning when you can already relax on your patio in the spring sun? The solution, get help from a robotic cleaning crew and leave not only the spring cleaning but also the future basic cleaning of your home to various household robots. Supported by motor-driven brushes, innovative technology, and even without your presence, with an app and voice-controlled household robot.


Hello Roby, I want to buy a robot lawn mower, what should I look for concerning the robot itself? 


Hello Roby, I want to buy a robot lawn mower, what should I look for concerning my garden? 

Anyone who has ever dealt with the subject of robot mops has undoubtedly stumbled upon the iRobot Braava 390t. This is probably the most popular floor mopping robot on the market. And one thing is crystal clear – the Braava 390t is AWESOME! But what if we now offered a cheaper but just as thorough and efficient alternative?
Not only the robot vacuums and mops but also the window cleaning robots of the brand Mamibot are the favourites of our customers! Now, finally, the successor models have been released! All four models are available at myRobotcenter now – including the free 5-year guarantee! 
Just in time for summer, we have a new pool robot series: PoolBot powered by Dolphin. There are six different models available in a noble grey-white design from Dolphin. Big plus point: the models are exclusively available from us and include the free 5-year myRobotcenter guarantee!
Finding the best robot vacuum for your home can be really hard. With such a variety of models, the decision is not an easy one to make. We have noted a few tips to support you in finding the best robot vacuum for your home.
The first window cleaning robot from Blaupunkt. You can control the Blaupunkt XWin automatically or manually, as you like. The cleaning robot can be used on frameless windows as well as windows with frames. A simple operation is guaranteed. We have tested the window robot for you.

Since this year, Bosch has been offering a multi-area concept for the lawn robot models Bosch Indego 350/400 Connect and S + models. This concept appeals to a large number of garden owners, as a very substantial part of our gardens consists of two or more separate lawns rather than just one continuous lawn.

If you are looking for a suitable household robot, you may have already discovered the one or another robot mop. Generally, these are very similar – but the new iLife W400 is different. With its new cleaning system, it removes persistent dirt particularly easily. But read it yourself – we have tested the robot mop. 
“Alexa, ask Roomba to start cleaning.” And suddenly the robot hoover leaves its charging base and starts vacuuming the apartment – room after room. More and more robot vacuums are equipped with a connection to different voice services, such as Amazon Alexa. And also a lot of robot mowers can already be controlled with voice commands. 
The latest producst in our assortment promise maximum gaming fun for your four-legged friend: the dog toys iFetch iDig Stay and iFetch iDig Go. They are the first digging toys for dogs. Both of them are suitable for every dog breed. But which model is best for your dog?
A robot hoover for allergy sufferers and pet owners, with camera navigation and smart mapping, controllable via app, Amazon Alexa or IFTTT and compatible with the automatic dirt disposal by iRobot. A very special robot offers all of it – the new flagship of iRobot: the Roomba i7. 
House dust, pollen, cat and dog allergens – there’s a lot going on in the air in our homes. No wonder that the allergy sufferers among us constantly have a runny nose and can hardly recover between the sneezes. A robot vacuum with HEPA filter provides remedy. 
To be fair: we do not have wireless vacuum cleaner in our assortment for very long yet. We took a closer look at one of them and tested it extensively. Concretely it is a special vacuum cleaner for animal hair test – with the CYCLOMAX V2 Animal. Let’s pay special attention to the addition „Animal“, because – maybe a coincidence? – two hairy and agile „tiger cat“ live in the apartment to be tested which is made of rustic wood (floor). And so we can say: A perfect starting position to test thewireless vacuum cleaner.
When you think about robot vacuums, you probably have an immediate idea in your head: Roomba. The successful series of the market leader iRobot has found its way into thousands of households since 2002. If you have dealt with this topic a little more, you probably also know Neato Robotics. Both manufacturers score with lots of different robot hoovers. We call it “Neato vs Roomba” now because we compare these two leading brands.
To find the best way to clean windows isn’t easy at all – without the correct technique it is almost impossible to obtain a streak-free result. And also otherwise, window cleaning is not really our favourite thing to do. It is exhausting and sometimes even dangerous. How convenient that a window cleaning robot can overtake this bothersome work. 
We would love to tell you about the 2019 assortment of robot lawn mowers in our myRobotcenter online-shop. Even though it might still look wintery outside, spring is about to begin soon and we can already think about the new gardening season. 
The iRobot Roomba 980 – the figurehead of iRobot – has been on the market for quite some time now and finally we’ve gotten the chance to test the smart robot hoover by ourselves. Now, we have tried to figure out if the Roomba 980 is worth the price or not.
We are happy to increase our product range and have added one device category – as of late, there are many different cordless vacuums or hand held hoovers available in our online-shop. We would love to explain to you why “The expert for robots in your home” now sells normal vacuum cleaners. 

The Eufy RoboVac R550C (also known as Eufy RoboVac 11c) is touted by the manufacturer as the vacuum robot for animal hair. But does the robot keep what it promises? I tested it in a 50m2 cat household.


As soon as the temperatures drop below zero, the robot lawn mower should not be staying outside anymore. But what is important concerning a robot mower’s storage in winter? We have summarized for you everything important in a checklist.

Important for all owners of a Mamibot PreVac 650: The bothersome app problems have finally been solved and the new “Smart Mamibot” app for the vacuum and floor mopping robot is available as of now. 

Who has not yet got in touch with the issue robot mowers might be asking: A device which mows the lawn automatically – how does this even work? In this blog post we’ll explain, how a robot lawn mower does operate.

Neato Robotics presented two new features for the Neato Botvac Connected D7Multiple Floor Plan Mapping and Quick Boost Charging. With them, Neato D7 makes floor cleaning even faster and more intelligent. The Neato Software Update 4,2is available as of now and can be carried out in only a few steps with the Neato app (available for iOS and Android). 
Listen up dog and cat owners: as of late, there is a new robot hoover for pet hairin our range. The Eufy RoboVac R550C (also known as Eufy RoboVac 11c) is not only interesting for pet owners but also for many other households.

It’s almost autumn and the robot lawn mower season slowly is over. Time for a summary: Which robot mowers have been the summer bestsellers in 2018? And of course, we let you know which robot hoovers, floor mopping and window cleaning robots have been the favourites.


Fully automatic lawn care: This is promised by modern robot lawn mowers. But that the automatic lawn maintenance works smoothly, there have to be considered a few things concerning the garden design.

All pet owners know it, when their beloved four-legged friends have enough energy to bluster though garden and house. No doubt, it is great fun, but with it there comes great work. As, our pets don’t only leave dirt on our floors but also lots of pet hair. How useful it would be to have a little helper that helps us keeping our home clean and removing all pet hair. 
As of now, not only Gardena robot lawn mowers can be connected with the smart Gardena irrigation system. Also, Husqvarna models with Automower Connect Module can now be controlled via the Gardena smart App.
Dyson is a worldwide known manufacturer of vacuum cleaners who is especially known for bagless vacuum cleaners. The Dyson 360 Eye is the first robot hoover of the manufacturer and shall convince with proven Dyson-quality. But like already expected, this quality has its price. We have tested the robot vacuum. 

Is there anything better than a cooling bath in the own swimming pond in summer? But of course this is only fun when the natural pool is clean. Unfortunately, this is connected to some effort… Except a robot does the swimming pond cleaning for you.

Sought for a long time and now finally available on the European market - Xiaomi Roborock 2, successor of the famous Xiaomi Mi. The new vacuum and floor mopping robot from China promises to be even better than its precursor. We have examined the Roborock 2 precisely. 

When buying a robot lawn mower, it is important to know the size of the lawn area. To measure the garden size, Google Maps is offering a useful tool: distance measuring.

The Hobot 288 is a smart window cleaning robot which automatically cleans the most different kind of glass surfaces, taking a lot of work off of our hands. This model scores especially with its Artificial Intelligence and the free smartphone-app. We have examined the HB-288 more precisely. 

An above-ground pool might have some advantages compared to installed swimming pools. But there is one thing that is equally exhausting: The pool cleaning. Good that there are robots for above-ground pool cleaning which do the care automatically. Maximum bathing fun with minimum cleaning effort!


The number of robot lawn mowers is increasing. But what offers many advantages for the garden’s owners may be a hazard for hedgehogs, bees and co. Here’s what to do when you don’t want to miss your robotic lawn mower but are also concerned about the welfare of the animals.

For the most of us, window cleaning is probably the most disliked household chore. But if you want to enjoy the view outside your windows you can’t help but do it. Isn’t it great, that there are robots which can overtake this bothersome chore by now. We clarify, how window cleaning works with a window cleaning robot. 

Smart Home? Smart Garden! With the Gardena smart system, intelligent and connected devices are now available for the outdoor area. Thus, the garden can be controlled and optimally maintained – easily and comfortably via app.

The acronym IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”. Easily explained it means that there is a trigger which causes an action. Therefore, they are logical connections that can be operated in the most different ways in our everyday life. As of late also for the controlling of robot vacuums. 
It shall be small but oh my, the new and very cheap vacuum and floor mopping robot Mamibot ProVac Plus2. We have examined the Chinese robot hoover carefully. We have summoned up whether the robot is suited or rather for the birds. 
A window cleaning robot for small budgets: we have tested the Mamibot iGLASSBOT W120 for you, because we have been really sceptical if a window-cleaning robot for less than £ 200,00* could really convince us. But have a look yourself.

Which robot lawn mower fits best into the own garden, basically depends on three factors: on the lawn size and complexity as well as on the slopes the robot has to manage. But with so much on offer, it’s hard to choose. Our infographic may help!

New in our range since the beginning of this year: Dibea D960. We have examined the cheap vacuum and mopping robot. All in all, the Dibea 960 is a solid vacuum/mopping robot with a great price-performance-ratio. Please read more information about the test in this post. 
New in stock at myRobotcenter: Mamibot ProVac Plus2, a cheap vacuum/mopping robot that does what it is supposed to do. Namely, vacuuming and floor mopping - without any technical chitchat. Therefore, the new vacuum and floor mopping robot is especially cheap and easy to operate. We have summoned up the most important details about the new Mamibot-model for you. 

For almost every garden Gardena is offering a suitable robot mower. But what is new in the season 2018? And which model is best for your lawn? We present: The latest Gardena robot lawn mowers!

With the new Neato D7 the producer of robot hoovers Neato Robotics has brought a new and smart robot hoover to the market. It shall not only convince with a smart navigation but also with many new app features. We have tested the robot right away for you. 
This season the myRobotcenter online shop is offering five Worx Landroid robot lawn mowers. New in stock is the Landroid S Basic for 300 m2! We have summarised for you the most important details about the models and which benefits Worx Landroid is offering.
Already in autumn 2017 the manufacturer of robot hoovers Neato Robotics has announced their new flagship. After a longer wait than expected, the Neato Botvac Connected D7 is finally available on the market. You can find the Neato D7 in the range of myRobotcenter - even with Free 5 Year Guarantee & a Free Accessory-Kit. 

Husqvarna robot mowers become Alexa-compatible! As of September 2018, all Husqvarna Automower models which are equipped with the Connect Module, can be comfortably controlled via voice commands.

Are you sick of wasting your free time doing housework and therefore you finally started looking for a robot that will - at least - take vacuuming out of your hands? But you don’t want to buy just any robot hoover but an especially innovative, smart and powerful model? Then this is your place to be as we are revealing 7 reasons to buy the new Neato D7

New in stock among the robot lawn mowers for season 2018 at myRobotcenter are McCulloch Rob R600 and Rob R1000. In sporty black and orange, a McCulloch robot mower will definitely be an eye-catcher in every garden! But what about the model’s features?

Who is not secretly dreaming about housework dealing with itself? About never ever having to vacuum or mop one’s floors again? “Only wishful thinking” will most of us think. If they only knew that they could fulfil their dream so easily with a vacuum and mopping robot like the new Dibea D960
Even if it currently doesn’t look like it: Spring isn’t that far away anymore. And in spring, the gardening season starts as well. It’s the perfect moment, to think about a robot lawn mower. For 2018, we have a lot of robot mower novelties in our shop.
May I introduce: AEG RX9-1-SGM, the luxury model under all robot hoovers. Not only shape but also the technology of the robot shall be revolutionary. I have tested for you if the robot vacuum really keeps what its producer AEG promises.
A vacuum and floor mopping robot can overtake a lot of our daily housework chores. Same with the new models of iLife: iLife X5 and iLife V7s Pro. We have tested both new vacuum/mopping robots in our myRobotcenter office. 
Manually, with scheduling, via app or Chatbot - there are many ways to control a robot hoover. Now, many robot hoovers are additionally equipped with connection to a Smart-Home. Therefore, those robot vacuums work with voice-services like Amazon Alexa and Google Home
Sweepur 120: the new robot mop in our range looks astonishingly alike iRobot Braava 390t. And also in the matters of technology it is not inferior to the model of the market leader. Even though it is a lot cheaper. We have tested the new robot mop for you.
Brand new in our range and already a real hit: the cheap window-cleaning robot Mamibot W120. With artificial intelligence and app control it leaves many window cleaning robots behind. The finishing touch for our customers: the extremely low price. We have summoned up the most important details about the new window-cleaning robot for you.

Our British customers love Eufy RoboVac 11! The robot vacuum is one of our bestsellers in UK. That’s why my expectations are high when I take the Eufy home for a test. How does the RoboVac get along in my 50 m2 flat with pets?

A vacuum and mopping robot for less than £ 200.00*? I have been really sceptical about the new Mamibot PreVac 650. That’s why I took it home and put it on an acid test. The robot’s challenge: 85 m2 4-room-flat with parquet, tiles and carpet, no pets, no allergy sufferers. Seems, like this robot is made for us. 
Brand-new in our range: Mamibot Sweepur 120, the robot mop for small budgets. We have summoned up the most important details about the cheap robot mop for you. Because we are convinced: with modern technology and a low price the Sweepur 120 is definitely going to be the next best seller! 

By the first frosty nights, your robot lawn mower should be stored in the basement. We tell you how to get your robot mower ready for winter in order the have a relaxed kick-off of the next gardening season.

Like supermarket windows like our online-shop is filled with household robots from famous brands and cheaper no-name products. But what do you think - is more expensive always better? We have scrutinized the robots from famous and not famous producers to show you if going for the trusted brand is really worth it. Or if the no-name product would really deserve a chance. 
Until only a few years ago household robots have been a luxury good. You could barely find a robot for less than 500 bucks. But in the meantime it has changed quite a lot so finally us average John Smiths can also benefit from a robot hoover. Today, we are introducing the latest and cheapest vacuum and mopping robots in our range: Mamibot PreVac.
Dog paws on parquet, spilled milk on tiles and footprints on laminate - we can hardly avoid mopping our floors regularly. But we have good news: due to our secret hint floor mopping is now easier than ever.
Maybe one or another bargain hunter has already heard from the cheap china robot hoover iLife A6. We have definitely been really exited, as we were wondering if a robot hoover for less than £ 300 could score with quality. Therefore I couldn’t resist on testing the iLife A6 and write a review. 
Well, once again looking for window cleaning tips or anything making window cleaning a little more fun? Then we have got the perfect tip for you. From now on you can make window cleaning easy and fun with the new window cleaning robots from Hobot
A robot that overtakes bothersome work. Who is not secretly dreaming of it? Now, that I am a part of myRobotcenter for almost two years, this dream has long turned into reality for me. There is no moth without me testing one or even more robot hoovers. Theme of today’s blog post: review of Neato D3.
It's finally here: The new myVacBot SN500. I've had a closer look at what the robot vacuum can do – I took the latest myVacBot model home with me to test.
Leaving vacuum cleaning to a robot sounds extremely tempting. Unfortunately, it is often an expensive business. Or maybe it isn’t? As one of a few producers iLife offers cheap robot hoovers. But don’t worry – even though the price is low the quality is extremely high. 

How to install a robot lawn mower? All you need to know about the robot mower installation summed up in our robotic lawn mower FAQs – part II.

„A robot hoover moves like a woman in a foreign city – confused and without orientation, but in the end they have been everywhere” ( Even our myRobotcenter-girls had to smirk. Neither us nor the robot hoovers could disclaim it until now. But with the help of cleaning maps there comes a new era of robot hoovers. 
Which automatic lawn mower fits my needs? Why do I have to lay a perimeter wire? All you need to know about buying a robot lawn mower summed up in our robotic lawn mower FAQs, part I.
Looking for a robot hoover? We know, it’s not that easy. During the last years there happened a lot and the variety of brands and models is enormous. We are giving you a hint: never give up – ask myRobotcenter.
You are dreaming of an accurately cut lawn without much effort? You are considering to get a robot lawn mower? Here is why buying a robotic lawn mower is a good idea…
There are a lot of benefits from a garage for your robot lawn mower: It keeps the robot mower dry when it is raining and protects the integrated electronics from direct sunlight. Furthermore, your robot mower simply is stored in it. But… buy a garage or build a garage, that’s the question. We have some suggestions for you.
Long desired from iRobot Roomba owners and finally there – the new update for the iRobot HOME App. With cleaning maps, push-notifications and a process-diagram, iRobot HOME offers the latest functions, which we have already tested.
3D printers aren’t deprived for science only anymore. High quality products are long available for home use. They have arrived in artist’s studios and hobby garages.
Since December I am part of the myRobotcenter online marketing team and honestly, I am a true newbie on the subject of domestic robots. Therefore, I was super thrilled as I got my first robot to test at home. I chose the new myVacBot S200, which is able to vacuum and wipe the floor.
For hobby engineers we offer a very exciting gadget in the myRobotcenter online shop: The 3D printer Dremel Idea Builder 3D40. I’ve tested it for you.
Yes, you got it right! At the beginning of the new year Neato Robotics launches a worldwide unique new feature for all robot vacuums of the Neato Botvac Connected Series: the Neato Chatbot. With the Chatbot in Facebook Messenger they make the heart of any Social Media User beat faster.

We really can’t wait for summer. You will ask why, now that winter has reached many regions with a lot of snow.

With the new Software-Update 2.2.0 Neato Robotics makes the App-Control of Neato Botvac Connected robot vacuum even more innovative. Thanks to small improvements, controlling the Neato Botvac Connected robot vacuum via App is now easier and more efficient than ever.
Hello everybody, it’s me – the Ecovacs Winbot W950 window cleaning robot. I am the most innovative window cleaning robot of my whole family and I will be available at myRobotcenter at the end of December. Therefore I would love to introduce myself shortly.
At the beginning of December they have finally arrived – the myVacBots.  After first tests there have occurred some questions we would like to explain to you here. Our tips can be used for the myVacBot B100 vacuum robot as well as for the myVacBot S200 vacuum and floor mopping robot (except the App-Control and Mop Function).
Christmas is approaching, Gardens are long winterised. Regular work all around house and lawn has become less… Well okay, there is always something to do. But in this nice weather you don’t even have to shovel snow. If you could get used to this condition, you should consider buying a robot lawn mower.
Impatiently we have been waiting for the arrival of the new LG Hom Bot Carpet Care VR8600RR vacuum robot but now it is finally there. That’s why we didn’t wait too long and have scrutinized it immediately. And all that in the myRobotcenter office, where we didn’t miss out to offer many challenges.
Hello everybody, it’s me - the LG Hom Bot Carpet Care VR8600RR vacuum robot. Finally I have made it to myRobotcenter where everybody has been awaiting me. Even though I quite ressemble my predecessors, I would love to introduce myself shortly.
Normally, love triangle doensn’t provide happiness and satisfaction in a relationship. But that’s different with us. Since we are a couple of three, we are really enjoying our time even more. As my rival is not really a rivalry for me (well, show me one who really is). My rival is small and moves on four wheels. Shortly: my rival is a WheeMe V2.0 massage robot.
You are looking for a household help because don’t have enough time (or just not enough desire) for doing your household work? Then you have definitely been thinking about a vacuum robot at least once. To help you find the suitable model for your household you can find here the most important differences to keep in mind while deciding on a vacuum robot.
We have been waiting really long but finally it is there - the new mopping robot iRobot Braava Jet 240. When it arrived in our office my colleague Gabriela didn’t hesitate and turned into the lucky one, being the first to test the new mopping robot. Please read about her experience below.
Finally! After a long time I am reunited with my brother iRobot Braava Jet 240 mopping robot. As I, iRobot Braava 390t, am absolutely glad about the arrival of my brother, I would love to introduce him shortly. In the future he will gladly overtake your bothersome floor mopping.
Hello everybody! As we are getting more and more famous we would love to introduce ourselves shortly. We, that’s my twin brother Ecovacs Deebot Slim and me, Ecovacs Deebot D35. We are robot vacuums and we would love to overtake your vacuuming in the future.
You are still mowing your lawn with a normal lawn mower but you secretly dream of your very own lawn carer? Well, then you are perfectly right here. In this blog post you can read about all important advantages and disadvantages of you very own lawn carer in the shape of a robot mower.
Hi there, I am the new Makita DRC200Z - the first robot vacuum, which you can use in your office, workshop, warehouse, retail area and many more! Today I am introducing myself to you and soon I will be taking care of your workplace and keep it clean!
Hello everybody, it’s us, the new favourite playmates of your quadruped. We are called iFETCH and iFETCH TOO and are fully automatic dog ball launchers. As we will spend a lot of time with your best friend in the future, we would like to introduce ourselves shortly.
Finally Summer! Sun is burning and all you want to do is get a refreshment in your pool. If only it wasn’t that dirty again… With a Zodiac pool robot that wouldn’t have happened to you. Find out everything you really need to know about the Zodiac pool robots to leave the bothersome pool maintenance to a robot in the future.
Hello everybody, it’s me - the Bosch Indego 1000 Connect robot lawn mower. I am sure that many of you already know who I am. Nevertheless I would like to introduce myself as I am often called “a rising star in the robot lawn mower sky”. I, Bosch Indego 1000 Connect,  score with many unique features and extremely thorough mowing results.
One who is sick of spending one’s free time with window cleaning has already extended their family with a window cleaning robot. Reliably the Winbot window cleaning robot takes care of clean windows and therefore overtakes an immense part of your household work. In this blog post you can find useful tips about the operation with a Winbot window cleaning robot.
“You will never believe me what I have seen last weekend!”. That’s how our graphic designer Gabriela welcomed us into the new week. We have taken her shocking history as an occasion for another blog post about safety in the matters of robot lawn mowers. Furthermore our newcomers Husqvarna Automower® 430X and Husqvarna Automower® 450X would like to introduce themselves.
Sun is burning on a bright blue sky, your neighbours enjoy their free time in their pool, but before relaxing you really have to mow your lawn - who hasn’t been in this situation. But now we have got the perfect solution: with a Husqvarna Automower robot lawn mower you will be able to enjoy your free time again - in a perfectly cultivated an healthy garden. Here you find 10 important things you should definitely know about the Husqvarna Automower:
Are you already at home? Did you get enough sleep last night? Do you drink enough water each day? Have you already brushed your teeth? Questions that everyone has heard so many times fromhis/her mom. With me, the Mother, every mom is able to monitor all these activities (and many more) via App to always be up-to-date.
Just in time for the pool season we have finally made it to myRobotcenter. We, meaning my brothers AstralPool Max 1 pool robot and AstralPool R3 pool robot and me, AstralPool R5 pool robot are the latest in our family to replace our siblings AstralPool Max 3+ pool robot and AstralPool Max 5+ pool robot. As we are available at myRobotcenter you would like to introduce ourselves.
Perfectly cultivated lawn, precisely mowed edges and more time for the important things in life – that’s what makes the hearts of any garden owner leap. With robot lawn mower you can fulfil this dream. To keep everyone safe all robot lawn mowers are equipped with numerous Safety Features.
A perfectly cultivated lawn & precisely mowed edges with less effort - that is probably the dream of any garden owner. With us, the new Robomow robot lawn mowers of the Red City Series your lawn will be shining in lush green.
Right before summer starts weather is getting warmer and who doesn’t prefer to spend the free time with mowing rather than relaxing in the deck chair? With us Robomow robot lawn mowers from the latest Red City Line you can give up the bothersome lawn maintenance. So that you really make the correct decision us Robomow robot lawn mowers would like to introduce ourselves shortly.
Weather is getting warmer and days are getting longer - perfect conditions for relaxed barbeque evenings! Now I, the Grillbot grill cleaning robot, overtake your grill’s cleaning, so that you can put up your feet after grilling.
Hello everybody, it’s me, the latest Moneual ME685 vacuum and floor mopping robot. I have arrived at myRobotcenter shortly to overtake your vacuum and floor mopping in the future. But first I would like to introduce myself.
Swimming season 2016 has already started but you are still spending your free time with pool cleaning? Then it’s about time to adopt a little helper. Here you can find the most important information about our AstralPool pool robots and Zodiac pool robots
Finally the Moneual Everybot RS500 mopping robot has arrived. Recently the mopping robot has introduced itself in our blog and now you can read about my first upshot here.
You are dreaming of perfectly shining floors but you don’t feel like lending your hand anymore? Then I am definitely the right one to help you in your household. I am the new floor mopping robot Moneual Everybot RS500, taking over your bothersome mopping work. As I will be available at myRobotcenter shortly I would like to introduce myself.
Small, solid and reliable - that’s us, the Gardena R40Li robotic lawn mower and Gardena R70Li robotic lawn mower. Maybe you already know some details about us, but we would still like to introduce ourselves.
It turns dreams into reality and doesn’t set any limits to creativity. It is fast, silent, secure, and easy to use. It is the Dremel 3D-Printer that wants to introduce itself to you today. 
Hello everybody, it’s us – the new Ecovacs Deebot vacuum robots. We are not only vacuum robots, two of us are even vacuum robots with mop function. We would like to introduce ourselves shortly so we can overtake your vacuum and mopping work in the future. Us, that are my siblings Deebot D63S, Deebot D83, Deebot SLIM and me, Deebot D62.
Spring has finally arrived and the grass starts growing in all our gardens. Due to this, Robi the representative of myRobotcenter welcomes the robot lawn mowers Robomow RC304, Robomow RC308, and Robomow RC312 to an interview. 
Anyone who likes cleaning his or her windows: this report is not for you. You will be disappointed. I have tested the new Winbot W850 window cleaning robot and it cleans every window perfectly without leaving behind any stripes – which is what I myself only achieve after a long struggle with a lot of cleaning agent and cloth. 
The first vacuum robot of the Neato family, which can be programmed and controlled via an app and even is compatible with the Apple Watch is the Neato Botvac Connected. My name is Christina and I am a test blogger checking out the latest devices for you. So here’s what I think of this latest model of Neato: 
Hi, it’s me – the new Winbot W850 window cleaning robot. I am the successor of the Winbot W830 and I am arriving with a lot of great improvements, which you can benefit from soon. 
Hello everybody, it’s us – the robot mower siblings Worx Landroid WG756E, Worx Landroid WG796E.1 and Worx Landroid WG797E.1. With a huge love of adventure we have left Worx Landroid in February and are available at myRobotcenter soon.
 At the beginning of the season for the robotic lawn mowers there have been many changes in our range. Additionally to the models already available we have increased with numerous new models, convincing with the latest technology.

Hello everybody, it’s me – Neato Botvac Conneced robot vacuum. After an exhausting development process I have left Neato Robotics and am now available at myRobotcenter since December 2015.

There is a reason why the iRobot Roomba models are on top when it comes to vacuum cleaning robots. Because of their user-friendly handling and their first class quality the iRobot Roombas satisfy a lot of users since many years now. The Roomba 866 also joins the long list of his already successful colleagues and excites with new, practical functions.
The development that was made in robotics in the last few years, excites in every way and leaves even the biggest doubter speechless. The toy-industry has discovered this new branch of technology as well and has already been busy with developing new toy robots.
LG Electronics enters the stage with a wide range of vacuum cleaners, each designed and suited for individual needs. The square design of the LG Hom-Bot Series is particularly apt for rectangular spaces. Its square shape combined with extra wide side brushes enables the LG Hom-Bot to guarantee cleanliness of even the most remote corners.  
Hands-free floor cleaning has finally arrived. Despite its cutting-edge technology, there has been no one household robot to combine vacuum cleaning and floor mopping simultaneously. Moneual presents the first hybrid robot vacuum cleaner system, the Moneual ME770 Style!
Following the huge success of the two window cleaning robots, Winbot W710 and Winbot W730, Ecovacs is introducing new models that will knock your socks off! The Winbot W830 takes our tried and tested window-cleaning robot to the next level. The Winbot W930 is nothing less than a technical revolution in window cleaning. Read more about these newcomers from myRobotcenter.
Ever since Samsung introduced its first vacuum cleaning robot the company repeatedly increases the standards on efficient and convenient cleaning without having to lift a finger. The Samsung NaviBot VR5000 vacuum cleaner was actually engineered to tackle pet hair. Not to mention all kinds of debris like dirt, crumbs and dust. In spite of dirt and difficult pet hair, the NaviBot VR5000 vacuum cleaner leaves your floor in pristine condition.