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02/09/2021 | myRobotcenter
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The trade has been topsy-turvy since 2020. A difficult starting position and delays in the supply chain leave some customers dissatisfied for the moment, which sometimes ends in less good myRobotcenter reviews. myRobotcenter dares to try to explain and shows you the different possible solutions. 

The situation in 2021 at myRobotcenter & myRobotcenter UK

In 2021, retailers are facing the problem that demand from manufacturers is greater than their supply. This means that not everyone can be supplied on the agreed date. In addition, there are production problems of the manufacturers and delays in the supply chain. Events such as Brexit, the COVID-19 pandemic, and container ship congestion at major transshipment ports exacerbate the situation. For these reasons, myRobotcenter can unfortunately only offer some products on pre-order at the moment. In addition, we have marked certain products, specifically the pool robot models 2021, as not available. 

What exactly does pre-ordering a product mean? Couldn't you just reserve the products?

Buy on pre-order means, the products which myRobotcenter has purchased from the manufacturer - but have not yet been delivered to myRobotcenter - can already be purchased today in our online store. This is because we have received confirmation of timely delivery date from the manufacturer and assume that this will be met. But also because we assume that the shortage of products will not decrease until the end of the year. So you can be sure of a product already today.


As already mentioned, there is currently more demand than supply for electronics and household appliances worldwide. Therefore, we can not simply offer a free reservation but must conclude a legal purchase contract between you and myRobotcenter (UK) for the delivery of your desired product. Otherwise, how are we supposed to know who absolutely wants a product and who just reserved it? With the paid order we can also handle the delivery according to a fair order. 


The pre-orderable products have a certain available quantity, which is the quantity ordered from the manufacturer, and for each (pre-)order received, this number is reduced. Compared to products in stock - here it is clearly stated that these are in stock and will arrive with the standard delivery time of the shipping partner after the order.

When can I expect the delivery of the ordered products from myRobotcenter or myRobotcenter UK?

For each product, a promised date for delivery in 2021 has been confirmed by the manufacturer to myRobotcenter. You can find this date on the product page directly at the button "pre-order". Manufacturers, as well as delivery services, do their best to keep this date, but this is not always possible. It can also happen that the manufacturer itself is affected by the chip shortage and has to reduce the production speed. Or that COVID outbreaks mean that entire containers with our goods cannot be unloaded on time. As a result, we can only provide an estimated 2021 delivery date for 2021 orders. Unfortunately, these dates can be pushed back through no one's fault, which leads to annoyance and sometimes unflattering myRobotcenter reviews. We are also annoyed about such bad news, but it is not in the power of myRobotcenter to change anything. But what we can guarantee: Your order will - as soon as we have received the goods - be processed quickly and the product will be delivered to you as fast as possible via our delivery partner. 


What options does myRobotcenter offer me if I am dissatisfied with the 2021 order and delivery date?

We understand the annoyance when a product delivery is postponed again. This does not pass us by without a trace. As an online specialty store, we offer you the following options:

Information about the product and its supply chain
Please contact the customer service team by filling out our contact form on the website. 
The possibility to withdraw from the purchase
If you have noticed that you have made a pre-order and this was not intended by you, you can of course withdraw from the purchase contract. To do so, use the contact form or simply write an e-mail.
Receive information about the delivery of your product 
Dates and availability are regularly updated in the web shop. We are also already working on a custom solution for automatic notification of delivery dates.
Submit a professional myRobotcenter rating
If you receive a rating mail from TrustedShops, you can click there in the e-mail on "Goods not yet received - please report later" and at the end fairly rate the purchase and delivery process. 

We ask for understanding

We understand the annoyance about the myRobotcenter UK deliveries in 2021, but we can't quite understand the question "is myRobotcenter UK reputable?". Because in the myRobotcenter reviews we try very hard to provide all the important information and help where we can. But we can’t solve the worldwide problems. We thank you for your understanding.

The team from myRobotcenter

02/09/2021 | myRobotcenter
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