Christmas Gifts for Men

13/12/2018 | myRobotcenter
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Household robots can definitely be described as men's toys! Therefore, he surely will be happy about a robot for the lawn or household as a Christmas present. Because: a robot not only does annoying work, but also offers time. Time for the really important things in life. Here are our gifts tips for men!

A robotic household assistant as a gift for a man? Absolutely!

A robot hoover cleans different types of hard floors, but also carpets, at the push of a button or fully automatically by schedule. Whether it's a solid basic model or a clever marvel of technology suitable for the smart home – at myRobotcenter you will find an appropriate robot as a Christmas present for sure!

Easy to use and reliable: The iLife V8s vacuum and floor mopping robot

The iLife V8s offers high quality at an affordable price. This robot cannot only vacuum, but also wipe the floor! Thanks to intelligent navigation, the vacuum and floor mopping robot moves systematically to ensure an optimal cleaning result. Dirt, dust and hair are reliably collected in the dust bin or the microfibre cloth.

Neato Botvac Connected D7 offers a variety of technical gimmicks

The robot hoover Neato Botvac Connected D7 impresses with its high suction power, ultra-performance filter and a large main brush. As a result, the robot vacuum not only eliminates pet hair but also the finest dirt particles and allergens. The robot can not only be controlled via app, but also via Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT or Facebook Messenger. This makes the vacuum robot the ideal device for an intelligent and connected home.

A robot for the garden as a Christmas gift for men

A robot lawn mower takes care of the lawn and automatically ensures a properly trimmed grass. Let's be honest: lawn mowing often has to be done by men. So, how great it would be if this annoying work would no longer be on the future to-do list!


So that no valuable warranty time is lost over the winter, our free 5-year guarantee on robot mowers starts on 1 March 2019!

Our bestseller: The Worx Landroid WR106SI

The Worx Landroid WR106SI is suitable for lawns of up to 450 m2. The robotic lawn mower can be controlled by app. Using artificial intelligence (AIA technology), the lawn mower robot navigates through narrow passages with great skill. This makes it ideal for the use on complex lawns.

A good choice for larger areas of up to 800 m²: Robomow RC308u

The robot lawn mower Robomow RC308 is recommended for lawns of approx. 800 m2. It also offers a handy app control. A sturdy knife with three blades cuts the grass reliably. Thanks to its solid construction, the lawn robot can be used well on hilly and challenging terrain.

For tinkerers or the inner child: The Ubtech Jimu TankBot Kit

The Ubtech Jimu TankBot robot kit is not just for kids! Men who like to puzzle, construct or program love this robot toy! The Ubtech TankBot can be controlled and programmed via app and accomplish various tasks and movements.


We hope that you will have a lot of fun with our gifts for men and wish you a merry Christmas! And of course, you can find more presents in the myRobotcenter online shop!

13/12/2018 | myRobotcenter
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