Christmas Gifts for Women

04/12/2018 | myRobotcenter
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Household appliances are definitely a no-go when it comes to Christmas gifts for women. But what about household robots? Because with a household robot you give a lot more than a normal household appliance. You give free time that a woman doesn’t have to waste on housekeeping. Time for the really important things in life. 

A household robot as a Christmas gift for women? Why not!

At the push of a button or fully automatically by following a schedule, many household robots clean different types of hard floors and carpets. Let’s be honest, with kids, dogs or cats it is often not enough to clean the floors once a day. So, who would not be delighted if a robot would overtake this bothersome work! 

A robot hoover that even removes pet hair: Eufy RoboVac R550C.

Reliably and fully automatically, the robot hoover Eufy RoboVac R550C declares war to cat and dog hair! Thanks to a smartphone-app, the usage of the robot is extremely comfortable and it can also be controlled on the road. 


A cheap robot mop for hard floors: Mamibot Sweepur 120

Methodically, the robot mop Mamibot Sweepur 120 drives through your home, cleaning different types of hard floors. Thanks to microfiber-cloths the cleaning is especially gentle. Edges and corners are thoroughly cleaned because of the square design of the robot. 


Mamibot PreVac 650 combines vacuum cleaning and floor mopping. 

The Mamibot PreVac 650 kills two birds with one stone: it is capable of vacuuming and mopping. With a smartphone-app it can comfortably be controlled. 
Certainly not unimportant for women: The robot has to visually fit into the home. Therefore, the vacuum and mopping robot Mamibot PreVac 650 is available in three different colours. 


A robot that cleans windows as a Christmas gift for women? 

Window cleaning: the most hated household task ever is not only exhausting but sometimes very dangerous. A window cleaning robot wouldn’t only overtake window cleaning, it would also assure that women don’t have to climb a ladder and clean windows in dizzying height. So, why not get a window cleaning robot as Christmas gift for women?

Clean windows at the push of a button with the Hobot 288.

The Hobot 288 is suitable for windows with and without frames and can also be used on tiled walls, shower cubicles and glass tables. Thanks to artificial intelligence it chooses the most efficient way. The window cleaning robot is comfortably controlled via smartphone-app. 

You couldn’t find a suitable Christmas gift? Find more choice (and not only Christmas gifts for women) in the myRobotcenter Online-Shop.

04/12/2018 | myRobotcenter
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