Christmas Countdown Nr.4: Christmas surprise in Roby´s smart home

23/12/2021 | myRobotcenter
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Every year, a lovingly decorated Christmas tree forms the glamorous central point of Roby's home. Therefore, the Christmas tree and its look is very important for the Christmas surprise. This year, Roby is very excited because he has a few smart home devices to support him before and during Christmas Eve.

The long-reach hedge trimmer helps with last details and the tree

Roby got a magnificent fir for the Christmas tree. He has already provided baubles, stars and candles. After he has put it in the right place, he is full of pleasant anticipation when he looks up to the tree top, where the Christmas star will shine. There, Roby sees a long branch sticking out, so there won't be enough room for the star. Since the tree towers over Roby by quite a bit, he already sees himself balancing on the ladder with a pair of pruning shears - not a very encouraging thought ... But then he remembers the perfect solution: his new Yard Force LH C41AW long-reach hedge trimmer. Shortly after, nothing stands in the way of the Christmas star.

The robot hoover takes care of the needles

The tree is decorated! Full of pride and already thinking about the gift giving, Roby is amazed about what he has done. He imagines the Christmas surprises which soon will stand under the Christmas tree - at this moment he sees that a few needles have fallen to the floor while he decorated the firm. In previous years, this was the point where the nice thoughts ended and the handheld hoover or broom was pulled out. Not so this year! With a short voice command, he activates one of his smart home devices. And his Neato D9 robot hoover speeds off to remove the needles. Satisfied, Roby watches him for a moment before turning his attention to the final preparations.

A smart home device as a gift giving helper

Finally, the time has come. As they do every year, Roby and his loved ones have come together to celebrate Christmas. The Christmas tree and the Christmas surprises are hidden behind a curtain. Our little robot with the big heart has bought a SwitchBot electric curtain and integrated it into his smart home. When he gives the command via voice assistant, the curtain opens as if by magic and reveals the wonderfully decorated tree and the gifts.

The robot hoover has a lot to do

Unfortunately, every evening, no matter how beautiful, comes to an end. The guests have left and again Roby's robot hoover is already driving unobtrusively but diligently through the living room. This gives him time to look at the tree for a while. The candles have burnt down quite a bit - time to put them out. But the candles at the top are always hard to blow out: Getting the ladder, climbing up and getting back down safely. So Roby gets his Yard Force LB C20W cordless leaf blower out of the cellar. With one sweep over the tree, all the candles are out. However, there are now quite a few needles, baubles and stars on the ground - Roby hadn't thought of it that way ... So he switches his Yard Force to suction mode, and at the same time gives his robot hoover the command to vacuum under the tree again.

Household appliances and smart home devices are great Christmas surprises

Even if the last action didn't work out as Roby had imagined: He is completely satisfied with his robot hoover and his curtain motor. They are the perfect Christmas surprises for the next year. There are also some household appliances and battery-powered tools that have been very useful in several ways. They will also go on the list of future Christmas gifts. Because, after all, it is not only work that becomes easier by using the devices and tools. It is the time the people get - time that they can spend with the beautiful things in life.

23/12/2021 | myRobotcenter
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