Christmas Countdown No.3: household helpers & white Christmas

17/12/2021 | myRobotcenter
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Who doesn't wish for a white Christmas? Whether it will turn out this year is still written in the stars? To be on the safe side, Roby isn't relying on Mother Hulda alone, but instead is converting his garden and household helper, the cordless misting fan, into a snow cannon... But read for yourself!

Roby's private snow cannon: a cordless misting fan

Roby eagerly shovels and pushes the snow together to build an impressive snowman. As he does so, he can't help but think back to last year, when he was denied this pleasure due to the lack of snow. But this year, when there is a lack of snow, he can rely on a household helper whose versatility he just realized. His cordless misting fan. He received the Yard Force LF C36 in summer as a gift for the household and garden. Now, in an emergency, it could be his private snow cannon, and a white Christmas is guaranteed. 

A modern snowman with a handheld hoover

After smoothing out the last curves, Roby gets the last items to make his snowman perfect: a carrot for the nose, hand-picked stones to create eyes and mouth, and twigs that look suspiciously like arms. Also, a gray hat with a red ribbon and another matching red scarf. But no - Roby doesn't have a broom to put in the snowman's hand. That's when he remembers that he has the perfect household helper to make the snowman the most modern in the neighborhood: his cordless vacuum cleaner, the Roidmi S1 Special. And not only that. If Roby were to put a pet at his side, his snowman would immediately have a handheld hoover against the animal hair.

More time and a great view - Roby's window cleaning robot does a great job

When Roby goes back into the living room, he can already admire his successful work through freshly cleaned windows. While he was building his snowman, his window cleaning robot was already taking care of the windows. Satisfied with his lovingly designed and top-equipped snowman, Roby sinks down on the couch and enjoys the time he has gained through his Mamibot iGLASSBOT W110F.

A gift for the home: less housework more time

People often think that gifts for the household are not Christmassy enough. But if you look at it more closely, you are giving away the most valuable thing you can give someone: Time, for yourself or for others you love. And while you're having a fulfilling time with friends, for example, Neato's D10 the robot hoover will be cleaning your floors, or your window robot will be shining up your windows. Other devices, like a cordless vacuum or a handheld hoover, make your work immensely easier - and you save a lot of valuable time with them, too.


Therefore, we can only say: with the right product you give away more than "just" a device; you give free space for the beautiful and pleasant things in life.

17/12/2021 | myRobotcenter
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